Interesting and needs-fulfilling products. Personalised offers. Choice of different payments and delivery options. This is a bunch of elements, but it’s just a part of what your store should have. If it does, you’re on the right track. It’s worthwhile to look closely at another factor, as well – check how you can improve the customer journey in your business. What does it mean and why is it important?

Woman finalising a transaction on the phone

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Crises, bloopers and little slip-ups happen in every industry. That is why a part of the world of business has stopped to carefully hide bloopers. Quite often, businesses do the opposite - they talk about the mistakes loudly, so that others can learn from their mistakes. Some are even using this trend to organise series of meet-ups, such as “Fuckup Nights”. During these sessions, the visiting speakers tell tales about the greatest, or should I say - the worst screw-ups in the history of their companies. The bloopers are most of the time, quite typical for the type of the industry they relate to, but sometimes they can really be something absurdly random. It’s a worthwhile experience to listen about what preceded such mistakes and avoid unnecessary risk-takings. Where does it pay to stay cautious when it comes to e-commerce?
As today is the International Cat Day, we will tell you how to avoid buying a cat in the sack!


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