UX optimalisation

The success of application is mainly based on the fusion of its usability and user’s experience. Caring for details, high quality of design and e-commerce implementation ergonomics became the essential condition of functioning in the world of modern technologies:
  • they influence shopping decisions that have high impact on financial results of company
  • they are responsible for depletion of the number of withdrawals within shopping path when increasing conversion related to chosen shopping-based activities (taking part in promotion, signing up for the newsletter etc.),
  • they raise clients’ loyality towards brand.

The process of creating the prototype of webpage and application is one of the most important elements of designing website. It allows not only to present every detail of suggested functionalities to client but also to identify and eliminate possible mistakes. This is why, apart from optimalisation, we conduct additional business workshops, expert analyses and research with users in order to prepare the most optimal prototypes for implementation.

  • 28.01.2020
    The mobile era has begun and smartphone users dictate the conditions. In this reality, high quality UX (User Experience) is no longer a nod to the customer or a feature worth having. E-commerce companies are happy to adapt any technologies that will help them reach their mobile clients, and there is...
  • 23.01.2020
    PWA is an ideal solution for companies thinking about the future. Mobile-friendly no longer means expressing good will and manifesting modernity, but it is a Google-enforced obligation. This was indicated quite clearly by updating the algorithm for users of mobile devices. Still, 5 billion mobile ph...
  • 21.01.2020
    Imagine that you quickly need to check the train timetable. You do it with your smartphone. You go to a website and it won't load. How soon will you lose patience and close your browser window? This is a situation that affects many websites. It annoys all users, but annoys those using mobile devices...