Professional online optical parlour SunLoox is the effect of dynamic development of SunLoox and Galeria Optyki stationary shops, both created in 2006. What distinguishes it the most is its impressive and exclusive offer within which one can find sunglasses and eye glasses of such brands as Tom Ford, Christian Dior, Guess or Victoria Beckham.

Together with intensive development, the management of SunLoox company noticed high need for advanced software that could face the expectations of every, even the most demanding, client.




Following the latest trends, together with SunLoox company, we decided to start with developing some ideas of intelligent solutions that could be able to remember client’s behavoiur and modify offer according to his/her expectations. Among the most important innvoations one could find the following:

  1. filters enabling product sorting according to needed features (price, brand, color etc.),
  2. intelligent search engine that with the use of multivariations helps clients with finding wanted phrase on the basis of entered words (the list oft he most popular products is additionaly provided to shop’s administrator),
  3. search engine enriched with the possibility of sorting searching results according to given features (price, brand etc.),
  4. block that is able to suggest acessories and other alternative products that may complement current purchase,
  5. bookmark showing recently viewed products.



New SunLoox web page has been made on the basis of Mobile First rule: this feature enables every type of device to display the offer without possible additional problems. Apart from increasing the convenience of use, the aforementioned solution also enables faster page indexation which results in better SEO optimalisation.

Responsive Web Design is not the only feature that has been made in order to make shopping navigation faster and more intuitive. Among additional conveniences implemented to SunLoox shop, the following ones deserve special attention:

  1. menu subdividing the list of products according to specific key of brands and categories,
  2. „New in“ bookmark,
  3. „More information“ block that includes contact data not only of e-shop, but also of every stationary SunLoox parlour,
  4. additional card of information concerning currently displayed product (shipping methods, warrantees, returns, users’ opinions etc.),
  5. menu that enables to choose the method of payment and shipping,
  6. additional card of detailed information about chosen stationary SunLoox parlour.




In order to satisfy the most demanding clients of SunLoox brand, we have also made decision to enrich the content of e-shop by adding the possibility to contact consultants directly via web page.  To achieve this assumption, apart from „Contact“ bookmark, we added interactive window linking directly to online chat. After entering web page, customer is faced with the „Click to enter chatroom“ button, what serves as invitation to online conversation with sales consultant.  




It is said that online presence of brand influences its popularity offline. That is why, together with brand’s management, we made the decision of complimenting shop’s domain with social media (SunLoox fanpage and blog) linking bookmarks. The aforementioned solution is nothing new in e-business world, but not many businessmen realise that this is one of the most succesfull ways of gaining more potential clients and warming up brand’s image (which is frequently too much sale-oriented). And that was the reason why social media have to become the essential part of every e-commerce project.



SunLoox e-shop is also fully integrated with ERP system, which purpose is to merge most of company’s operational processes within one platform. This allows to improve work, inter alia, through financial operation system automation, data synchronisation, price and product mix actualisation and documentation management. For many companies, ERP system implementation serves as a natural step supporting brand’s development towards e-commerce.

The aforementioned solutions allowed to create beautiful and modern web page that fully faces clients’ needs. We are certain that all the functionalities implemented to SunLoox web page will be appreciated by ist future clients and will make shopping experience more convenient than it has ever been.