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We consult, analyze, and implement appropriate solutions and good practices into your store. We support your company strategy with latest technologies, which will help you enter the digital transformation age.


Over 10 years of experience that we have gained during cooperation with numerous medium and big businesses allowed us to implement successful digital transformations. On many occasions we have pre-optimized business model of our partners prior to the transformation process. Each eCommerce company has unique needs, however the are universal rules that allow for multi-channel measurement and increase of sales results. Consulting with experienced eCommerce agency helps in introducing of practices that directly improve sales. The final goal of every company is increment of profits, after all, no matter if it’s done online or offline. Ecommerce consulting aids in identification of weak points and fixing them. The role of eCommerce consultant is to foresee possible problems your store may face and prevent them from becoming a reality. For example, you could be disappointed with the sales of your store on Amazon or maybe you think that your social media marketing is not efficient. Ecommerce consultants will help you in reorganization of digital marketing strategy that improves your company results. The support of eCommerce advisors is going to aid the digitalization of your store. 

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Benefits of eCommerce consulting

The most important benefits of eCommerce consulting

Preparation of digitalization benefits

Production of transformation plan is the basis for accurately implemented digitalization. As eCommerce consultants we verify all areas of your company, and choose those that can be optimized, improved or created anew. The most frequent improvements concern increase of online traffic, order value, acceleration of operations, or optimization of administrative areas of the store. Map of targets and progress vision allow you and us to build organization based on values that will fulfill your needs.

Modeling of business processes

The main goal behind the modeling of business processes is augmentation of business results through efficiency optimization of your offer. The implementation of a business process model must be comprehensible for all participants. That is why we use specialized tools based on uniform standard. Thanks to that, the process reorganization that happens during the digital transformations will be easily understandable for the staff.

Technology consulting

The eCommerce platform is a crucial part of every company’s ecosystem. The processes of implementation, optimization, and refactoring are incredibly difficult but also very rewarding in terms of business. Thanks to pre-implementation analyzes we are able to define business areas requiring improvements, and suggest specific solutions.

Pricing strategy consulting

When adapting your price strategy to the digital market you have to consider product or service characteristics and their perceived value. During eCommerce consulting we decide which price strategy should your company employ: Cost Plus or Value-based pricing. Our experts equipped with the domain knowledge will adjust the pricing strategy to your business with consideration of how your offer is perceived on the market.

Competencies management

Digital transformation requires suitable competencies from your staff. Digital consulting for eCommerce clients guarantees access to such abilities, and shows direction for future recruitment strategy. The eCommerce consultants will also prepare training materials and courses that will enrich your current specialists with required knowledge.

Customers profiling

The eCommerce consultants will begin digital marketing operations so that you can start profiling customers as soon as possible. The preparation of PPC, SEO campaigns, lead generation operations and many others won’t pose a problem for you, thanks to the support of eCommerce consultants.

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Certified Magento 2 developers

We have certified developers of all levels. We specialise in complex implementations of e-Commerce platforms based on this software.

Certified Magento 2 developers
Certified Magento 2 developers
Certified Magento 2 developers
Certified Magento 2 developers

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