For the last 30 years, Rotom company has been one of the leaders in woodden stillages, packages and logistic devices in Europe. Its international success is the effect of careful choice of offered products and logistic processes optimalisation. Since 2013, brand’s online development is supported by Global4Net company which resulted in various improvements, amongst which one of the most significant is web page that succesfully manages order management across eight mutually independent European markets. 



Since project realisation required verified solutions, our first decision was to build the site on the basis of Magento software which is considered to be one of the fastest developing e-commerce operating systems. Thanks to the support of the best developers and the producer himself, Magento software guarantees:

  1. scalability,
  2. code safety,
  3. high level of business safety,
  4. elastic model of licensing,
  5. substantive support,
  6. plugins that make the implementation of new functionalities easier.




The implementation of expanded e-commerce system is often potentially hazardous. In order to eliminate possible risks, all the solutions have to be written down beforehand in the form of detailed project of website functionalities. It also enables to verify the concept of shop in designer’s head with potential clients’ expectations.

On the basis of prepaired prototypes, we conducted various researches on users’ reactions to different variants of shopping path. They let us create graphic projects and documentation of output together with all the processes happening within system. The final part of the aforementioned tasks was to provide the details of visualisation and client’s final accept.



Adjusting e-commerce system to eight independent European markets is always straightforward with additional challenges. In order to face up to them, we made a decision to integrate and develop the following functionalities:

  1. several types of payment systems,
  2. the possibility to order products in packages that are in increments of chosen product,
  3. one-step long ordering process,
  4. import system that enables the actualisation of product offer and the administration of current product mix.

During the implementation of the aforementioned solutions, we took advantage of dispersed, cross-platform Mercurial system that increased the level od performance and scalability as well as enabled to perform more advanced operations on branches. The software is supported by notification recording system named Active Collab, which was created to provide help with communication with customers and planning the next software releases.

The effect of the aforementioned implementation is functional and modern internet platform that enables to shop from almost every part of Europe. We are proud to announce that the new store is the example of the solution that not only influenced the number of sales in a positive way, but also let the brand exist in clients’ consciousness.