Saint-Gobain is a world leader in constructing industry and eco-friendly solutions. Being localised in 66 countries, company’s branches concentrate different ranges of specialists, from creators and producers to distributors of eco-friendly building materials. Growing popularity of this type of technologies has resulted in the need for creating e-store that offers much more than only shopping. This is how the idea of fully responsive web page was born.




The times of complicated e-commerce solutions have definetely gone: that is why we stood up on simplicity and functionality. This statement assured us in the decision of adding the following distinctive modules responsible for making shopping navigation easier:

  1. „New in“ module, which allows to scan current offers paying special attention to newly added products,
  2. „Recently seen“ bookmark, enabling user to come back to previously closed subpages,
  3. „Shopping cart“ bookmark that is not only highlited and visible at first glance but also presents customer with the state of current order from the homepage point of view,
  4. the map of stationary shops that links directly to trading posts of Saint-Gobain brand,
  5. homepage displaying the most important, from client’s point of view, functionalities of the store (including, inter alia, direct offtake, special sale conditions, promotions and sales).

During numerous meetings a brave decision has been made about developing the „Offer“ bookmark. This led to the possibility of fast product search on the basis of manufacturer’s name. Making the decision will result in transferring to subpage consisting of short characeristics of the chosen company and complete list of offered products.



The process of product search has also been simplified to the highest degree. The system we created enables precise designation of searching parameters that provides clients with fully personalised offer adjusted to specific expectations. This, in conclusion, significantly shortens the time of purchase finalisation.

Search engine has also been expanded through intelligent phrase suggestions. It means that, after writing down first letters of a searched word, user will be aknowledged with full list of available products, all starting with the same string of letters. Interestingy, with each search, search engine „learns“ and „remembers“ the results, what develops the range of searched words base. Shop’s administrator has the access to the aforementioned base what enables to conduct additional analyses of clients’ needs and adjust shop’s offer to the most popular results of search.




Saint-Gobain brand’s clients are one of the most demanding target groups, hence we paid special attention to constructing industry’s specificity when designing some of available functionalities.  Such considered solutions have been needed especially within the subject of shipment system and data handshaking.

The payoff of all the aforementioned analysis is the creation of original module of parcel on the basis of provided API and integration of ERP and SAP systems with shop. The integration is responsible for such functionalities as order and shipping management and clients’ data synchronistaion. As a result, we managed to build efficient system that enables all the information to be sent between shop and supplier in the fastest pace possible.




It is not everything: being aware of the possibilities of word of mouth marketing, we presented our users with the possibility to recommend the products offered by Saint-Gobain brand since, according to analyses, the clients of e-shops are prone to trusting the opinion of friends or other users more than traditional forms of advertising. This solution has also enabled us to create additional channel of information about shop’s current offers.

As part of the aforementioned solution, the „Contact“ module has been added. The form consists of individually selected parameters, from among which user can choose the most interesting issue (for example service-related notifications, calculation inquiries or additional questions concerning shop’s offer). There is also the possibility to contact chosen stationary shop directly.



Special attention has also been paid to the issue of clients’ personal data safety. Saint-Gobain e-commerce platform is equipped with SSL certificate which guarantees the safety of data’s shipment process and their integrity.




The result of our cooperation with Saint-Gobain brand is fully developed, mobile-friendly web platform that incorporates many different functions that are also supplied with additional integration with Google Analytics platform. All the integrations enable brand to reach more potential customers and remain in current ones’ consciousness.