Implementation of insurance, engraving and gift wrapping options for Zegarownia

Implementation of insurance, engraving and gift wrapping options for Zegarownia


Zegarownia is a polish and authorized seller of watches, smartwatches and jewelry for everyone. In their offer you may find over 100 brands. Clients have access to high quality products such companies as  Meccaniche Veneziane, Orient Star or Eberhard.

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The purpose was to implement additional functionalities during check out.


Available options and corresponding prices

We focused on delivering for client additional option for specific products with dedicated prices.


The client has an option to choose to engrave his product.


The client has a possibility to choose the packaging during finalization of purchase.


Now every client have an opportunity to buy insurance for selected products.


Adobe Magento is an e-Commerce solution recognized by thousands of brands. Thanks to the operation under an open license and wide possibilities of configuration and personalization, it has convinced the giants of the market, including Coca-Cola. It offers the support of a multitude of specialists and constant software updates aimed at providing better and better solutions for business customers.
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Michał Pawlak

Back-end Developer

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The list of functionalities has been implemented and tested to detect potential bugs. We have implemented the agreed implementations and checked whether their use is in accordance with the standards to which our clients are accustomed

Our actions

G4N specialists, in line with the client’s expectations, implemented all the above-mentioned solutions at the agreed time. We have added a specially prepared option to the given products. In addition, we have built a grid from scratch responsible for providing information on the availability of engraving options, different packaging, matching bracelets as well as the selection of insurance and other attributes for each product. We made sure that if the product has the option of selecting, e.g. engraving, after adding it to the basket, a check-box for choosing the engraving will appear.
We have also introduced a module of pop-ups appearing after pressing a given check-box, in which the consumer can choose the engraving style and the field where he can enter its content. For the bracelet adjustment function, we implemented the function of entering the wrist circumference in centimeters in the pop-up interface. When selecting the product packaging, we implemented the assigned prices and photos, as well as the ability to enter the content on the ticket that will be sent with the product. We have also introduced the possibility of defining the availability of packaging from the panel level.
With the warranty selection module, we added the option to extend the insurance or purchase an additional warranty and assigned specific prices to them in the pop-up interface. We have also implemented the possibility of a defined warranty option for each product for service from the shop panel. We have adapted this solution so that the updated data is sent to the order menu and sent to the connected ERP system. This was to facilitate the processing of orders in line with the consumer’s expectations.


Implementation of additional options for product data when summing up orders

Respond to customer needs and expectations.

Implementation of the data update function on the availability of additional options

Providing the ability to add options and edit them independently to products in the store.

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