Automatic translation of the opinion into other language versions for Zegarownia

Automatic translation of the opinion into other language versions for Zegarownia


Zegarownia is a polish and authorized seller of watches, smartwatches and jewelry for everyone. In their offer you may find over 100 brands. Clients have access to high quality products such companies as  Meccaniche Veneziane, Orient Star or Eberhard.

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The client's goal was to introduce comprehensive solutions enabling additional store functions despite the language barrier.


Displaying reviews in other language versions of the store

The customer’s wish was to introduce the possibility of displaying opinions issued by customers on more than one language version of the store.

Preview of the original opinion in a foreign-language store

The client wanted to share the opinions originally issued in a different language version of the store also in a foreign-language store.

Automatic translation of added opinions

The client’s goal was to automate the translation of the content of the added opinions in real time, which would save the workforce for other activities.

Transferring the database of Polish opinions to foreign-language stores

The client also wished to migrate the databases containing opinions in Polish to the databases of new language versions of stores.


The Magento platform is one of the most powerful platforms for managing online store infrastructures. The constant support of thousands of specialists and an open license make it invariably the solution chosen by leading players on the e-Commerce market. Combined with the Google Translate translation tool, it provides the store with automatic foreign language detection and AI-powered translation. The Google Translate tool has been on the market for many years and is now used by the largest digital companies to provide content in any language to all users, regardless of language differences.
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Michał Pawlak

Back-end Developer

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Using the opinions already available in Polish, we considered implementing a comprehensive solution already used by Amazon and and which has been working great for many years. Opinions would be translated into the language of the client who is reading them in real time or periodically, e.g. during the night.

Our actions

Automatic translations were implemented by our specialists using the proven Google Translate API devices. In addition, we have implemented an extension of the feedback functionality in the Magento system and added some additional fields for customer use.
In order to ensure high-quality translations and to correct potential errors, the option to correct automatically translated content has been introduced. Due to the large amount of data and the limitations of the translator tool, a translation module using the Cron tool has been implemented.
A security has also been introduced that allows the content to be translated only after the opinion is approved by the store staff.


Implementation of opinion translations

Translation of foreign-language opinions into Polish and Polish-language opinions into foreign languages.

Preview of the original version of the review

Possibility to view the original language in which the opinion was written in order to establish the client's nationality.

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