Refactoring of the discount module

Refactoring of the discount module


Saint-Gobain is an international group with a portfolio of over 100 brands, operating in 5 different markets: construction, transport, industry, distribution and healthcare. The group operates in 70 countries all over the world and offers a range of services, products available through online and stationary shops.

For one of Saint-Gobain’s brands, RemontiBudowa, we developed an online shop offering a wide range of building materials and equipment. We introduced numerous improvements including the implementation of API integration module and integration of the shop with ERP and SAP systems, which resulted in streamlining a system and accelerating the transfer of information between the shop and the suppliers. 


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Magento has earned the trust of over 300,000 businesses. It helped them to increase the sales results. The software offers reliability when handling online orders, the ability to create an unique online shop of high quality and expert technical support. Magento also offers support for the discount function, which can be configured as desired. It also has the option of default rules for the promotion system as well as making individual changes profiled for the individual customers.

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Radek Wróblewski

Project Manager

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After becoming acquainted with the situation and the client’s needs, we implemented the extensions allowing for future expansion of the system. The client wanted to be able to write discounts per product and we are able to meet this expectation if such a requirement arises. Usually the Magento system records shopping cart discounts by default, so in order to meet the client’s requirements, we decided to personalise the system specifically to their expectations and help them deliver the best possible service.

Our actions

For the most effective operation of the promotion system and discount management module, we studied the requirements set by the client. We hired our specialists to implement the desired elements and change the rules of the software.

The back-end solution developers implemented a plug-in to support the Magento system’s rebate configuration.

Additionally, we personalised the handling of the module for a given trading partner. Our specialists introduced a solution of active rules based on a configurable priority per rule. At the same time, they rebuilt the system of functioning of promotions, which enabled customers to use the default settings of Magento software as well.


Increase in sales results

thanks to an easier system of access to promotional offers.

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