Audit and redesign of UX for Saint-Gobain

Audit and redesign of UX for Saint-Gobain


Saint Gobain is an international group with a portfolio of over 100 brands, operating in 5 different markets: construction, transport, industry, distribution and healthcare. The group operates in 70 countries worldwide and offers a range of services, products available through online and stationary shops.
For SG’s RemontiBudowa Platform, we developed an online shop offering a wide range of building materials and equipment. We introduced numerous improvements, including the implementation of an API integration module and integration of the shop with ERP and SAP systems, which resulted in a more efficient system and faster transfer of information between the shop and its suppliers.

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The client commissioned our specialists to refresh the site, including changing the colour scheme, logos on the site and emails according to the mockups sent by the client.


Modifications of the email sending system

It was required to modify the system responsible for emails handling due to the change of ERP system. Previously, the emails were sent using SAP. However, this system was replaced by another ERP system – Navireo.

The ability to edit and style emails

Together with the upgrade of ERP system, the implementation of new tools for editing and styling emails was required.

Adding the new promotional modules

During replacing the modules, there was a need to update the styling of individual elements and correct graphic styling such as those used for the login and registration functions.


Magento has earned the trust of over 300,000 businesses, including the giants such as Coca Cola. The software offers reliability when handling online orders, the ability to create an unique online shop of high quality and expert technical support. Together with using the ERP system, it helps manage the business in an easy and comprehensive way. ERP is easy to modify and allows you to optimise costs, productivity and increase market share. What is more, it facilitates interdepartmental cooperation, unifies and synchronises data, reduces the occurrence of errors and automises routine, repetitive processes. Content management is made even simpler by the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you got) system, which enables simple editing of content to ensure that what we print is as accurate as possible on screen – thanks to WYSIWYG, the first version will be the final one. To avoid making mistakes, it is best to conduct a thorough audit. It allows you to protect yourself from potential problems that could impend the implementation of the project or reduce the quality of applied solutions. An audit is not only a sensible precautionary measure but actually a duty to guarantee as few undesirable factors as possible.

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Radek Wróblewski

Project Manager

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The change of colour scheme was successfully completed. A WYSIWYG editing module was installed according to the client’s expectations. In order to maintain a high level of solutions achieved, we will adapt the module and consequently increase the quality for which our company is known. This is not the end of our cooperation with our client; he decided to continue refining the website, satisfied with our solutions and level of service.

Our actions


We engaged developers who specialise in frontend issues for the website and ERP system renovation project. We identified solutions requiring the introduction of all required elements. Our specialists proceeded to update the ERP management system and introduced a WYSIWYG module responsible for editing emails, which improved the transfer of information both between employees and between the company and its clients.

In accordance with our practice, we also conducted an audit, during which we regularly contacted the client with new suggestions and explanations on how to improve the implemented elements. During the process, the most important thing for us was transparency and effectiveness of the proposed solutions. With the advanced status of work on the project, we provided technical support for the shop to ensure the development and stability of the website, as well as with a view to further development of the systems.


UX audit

A new website design according to the operating practices.

Implementation of WYSIWYG

Introduction of a new module for editing emails to facilitate communication.

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