Saint-Gobain is an international group with a portfolio of over 100 brands, operating in 5 different markets: construction, transport, industry, distribution and healthcare. The group operates in 70 countries all over the world and offers a range of services, products available through online and stationary shops.

For one of Saint-Gobain’s brands (, we developed an online shop offering a wide range of building materials and equipment. We introduced numerous improvements including the implementation of API integration module and integration of the shop with ERP and SAP systems, which resulted in streamlining a system and accelerating the transfer of information between the shop and the suppliers.

Case Studies

Audit and redesign of UX

After examining the situation and the online shop’s results, we determined that an audit and redesign of UX will increase reliability and quality of shopping experience for customers.

Refactoring of the discount module

After an in-depth analysis, our team concluded that refactoring the discounts module would translate into higher conversions. Therefore, our team rewrote the module taking into account dedicated solutions and suggestions from our UX specialists.