The Multistore integration for Novamed

The Multistore integration for Novamed


Present in the market for over 20 years, Novamed is a leader in the distribution of medical equipment. In their assortment you can find products to equip surgeries and operating theatres, as well as smaller tools necessary for doctors in their everyday work.

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The client's goal was to integrate the website with the Responsive Design standard and refine the graphical theme of the store. Additionally, the client agreed on the SAP system implementation within the website structure. 


Responsive Web Design compatibility

The coding of the website according to the Responsive Web Design approach, supported by Google in order to adjust for Mobile First system. 

Advanced visual refinements

We refined the graphical side of the web store with the use of the latest solution. Changes included refinements in the following areas: layout, settings automatization and other visual elements. 

SAP implementation

The integration of of completed shopping transactions with the SAP warehouse-accounting system, which enables the product availability verification and speeds up the loading and saving time of the data. 


Responsive Web Design is a good web design practice aimed at adapting the layout of websites to the size of the screens on which the content is viewed. In 2015 Google representatives confirmed that websites do not meet the requirements for display on mobile devices rank significantly worse. Therefore, in order to achieve the best results and satisfaction levels for our clients, Global4Net codes all the projects in the Responsive Web Design standard. The additional use of the SAP and Multistore systems allows for successively fully configurable and integrated management of the website’s logistical and financial data, as well as controlling all the processes. With the Multistore tool, a shop owner can manage multiple shops supporting different currencies and languages without having to change the system. The whole process of managing the shops takes place from the level of one panel. It is a great tool if you sell products belonging to several different assortment groups or if you want to separate a retail sale from a wholesale one.

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Our actions

Our developers coded the infrastructure according to the RWD standard, which allowed for increasing the chance of reaching potential clients while simultaneously lowering the website maintenance costs. Additionally, they integrated the layout automated adjustment module for all mobile devices and prepared the system for the implementation of further changes in a short time.

Our specialists responsible for the refinement of the visual side of the web store, enriched the site with lightbox effect added to certain visual elements. Additionally, they have added the transition effect in the animated modules section of the website. They integrated a module responsible for automated scaling of the resolution of certain windows and changed the outlook of other elements and modernized it.

Our professionals have shortened the product order process to only one phase. What’s more the site was programmed in a way, so that the unfinished cart content automatically would be saved automatically on the user’s account. Thanks to this solution even after leaving the website, the customer has the ability of coming back and using the already chosen products.


The visual and informational enrichment of the website

The visual side has been refined and the data management has been improved by the SAP system integration.

Google systems' integration

The website code has been updated to the RWD standard, which increased the quality of the website on mobile devices and improved the Google search positioning.

Improved shopping solutions

The transaction process has been reduced to one phase, which made the whole shopping experience swift and more user-friendly.

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