Implementation of PWA for Neonet

Implementation of PWA for Neonet


Neonet is one of the sales leaders in the electronics and household appliances industry, which offers a comprehensive package of services related to sales in online and stationary shops. We are very proud and happy to have successfully delivered a complex project for our client Neonet – one of several that we have managed to implement during our many years of working in partnership. For one of the largest e-Commerce companies in Poland, we implemented PWA, which has a number of advantages. Progressive Web Application significantly speeds up page load times, which translates into conversions and higher sales results. PWA apps work offline, so users can access the shop anywhere at any time. Our most important objective is the continuous optimisation of this Magento store.

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Neonet gave us a task to increase the speed of the website and increase conversions in the mobile channel. Our project team faced the following assumptions:


Stay ahead of the competition

As one of the industry leaders on the Polish market, Neonet places great emphasis on providing its users with modern solutions.

The application must support the mobile channel also offline

An important element was to provide users with contact access to the shop, regardless of where they are.

Compatibility with data migration to Magento 2

One of the next stages of cooperation was the migration of data to the Magento 2 platform. Our team had to plan the work in such a way that such a migration would not generate additional costs.

Code optimisation

Even after the implementation of PWA, we continue to optimize the website to achieve the best loading times and to rank highly in Google. Currently, organic traffic reaches over 1,200,000 visits per month.


Progressive Web Application is a web application which allows users to efficiently browse the website and complete orders both on mobile devices and such as tablets and mobile phones and desktop devices. It was created using web technology and is based on JavaScript, CSS and HTML languages. The main benefits are:

  • page loading speed,
  • offline functioning,
  • responsiveness,
  • high ranking in Google search engine,
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Łukasz Lipski

Project Manager

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It could be said that we smoothed the path. Progressive Web Application is still new on the market and during its implementation for Neonet, it was innovative. Our team could not operate on the proven benchmarks so this project was a great challenge for us.

Our actions

In accordance with our methodology, we prepared an analysis, defined the scope of the project, prepared the functional and technical documentation and then proceeded to the implementation stages. The implementation of PWA in Neonet resulted in numerous changes in many areas of the online shop’s functioning. Our main goal during this project was to work on a satisfactory User Experience.

For this reason, we decided to improve the areas that customers first encounter when they want to purchase audio, video and household equipment. Therefore, we divided the implementation into stages which focused on a consistent rewriting of the subsequent categories. This allowed for quick verification of possible inconsistencies and continuous functioning of the shop.


Fully functioning PWA application

within the 10 months of the project's start date.

Increase in organic traffic

up to 1 200 000 monthly visitors.

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