Magento extensions integration for NEONET

Magento extensions integration for NEONET


One of the sales leaders in the electronics and household appliances industry, which offers a comprehensive package of services related to sales in online and stationary shops. Currently, it has almost 300 shops across Poland and an online shop that serves more than 4,000,000 users per month. We have been partners since 2015 and since then we have managed to implement more than a dozen projects from different areas – from PWA to module integration. Our goal is that Neonet is always well optimized and performs perfectly even during the highest customer traffic. The success of their shop has been recognized and awarded in competitions such as Consumer Laurel, Trusted Opinions and Highest Quality.

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The client needed the new payment and delivery extensions to be implemented into the store's options. Together with our team, we have implemented 10 extension, which allowed the client to provide the users with more comfortable and flexible methods of transaction finalizing. 


Payment methods extensions

We’ve added 6 new extensions that allows the users for more comfortable payment experience.

Single Sign On

We also prioritized the option so that the users could quickly log onto the site through Facebook or Google integrations.

Delivery options extensions

Our experts managed to integrate three additional modules expanding the current delivery methods. 


Magento offers a wide range of great extensions and plug-ins that can really change the way you store functions and enhance it to better fulfill its goal which is to meet the customers’ needs. The extensions can be bought at specially-curated sites supported by Adobe or they can be developed from scratch in order to fully tailor a solution to exactly meet your expectations. 


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Łukasz Lipski

Project Manager

agencja ecommerce

Integrations become trivial until it turns out that they need to be rewritten due to specific requirements. Then we must remember creating such plugins which will work seamlessly with the Magento platform will require additional work. What does this entail? Developer and tester time, so it is worth handing this over to someone with experience.

Our actions

The project involved architects, UX designers and PHP programmers.  Before we started the implementation work, we had verified the extensions that required redesigning and prepared project documentation taking into account the new functionalities and compatibility with the shop.


Functionality improvement

and adjustment to the needs of the customers.

Payment methods

adjusted to the various customers and their shopping patterns.

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