Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 for Neo24.pl

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 for Neo24.pl


NEO24 is among the best online shops in Poland, offering a wide range of audio, video and household equipment. Despite this, it constantly develops its offer, providing more and more new product categories to its customers. It has been our business partner since 2015. Over the years of our cooperation, we have implemented many changes to improve the functioning of the shop. A significant revolution for the website was, among others, the implementation of the Progressive Web App and thus offering a new shopping experience to its users. NEO24.PL website enjoys wide recognition. It was awarded e.g. The Trusted Shops Certificate and included in the Ranking Of The Most Valuable Polish Brands.

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NEO24.pl has decided to implement changes to its online service. Migration to Magento 2 was necessary as the platform's producer Adobe had stopped supporting the previous version. This has prompted a situation when changes are necessary and awaited. 


Magento 2 support

Migration onto the new platform guaranteed full access to the newest plug-ins and fast integration with the website. Above all, updates available for Magento 2 have increased the speed of the modern technologies implementations without the necessity of creating them on one’s own. 

Low platform optimization costs

When utilizing the Magento 2 built-in solutions and tools, the store owner does not have to suffer additional development costs. 


The Magento platform producers announced that from July of 2020, Adobe would stop its support for Magento 1. Because of that businesses that aim on steady growth and expansion had to migrate to the newer version of the platform – Magento 2. It offers much more options for enhancements and ways of building one’s website. Magento 2 uses all the newest technologies, including PHP, Apache/Nginx, MySQL or LAMP. The new version enables PWA implementation thanks to Magento PWA Studio, gathering of databases, tracking results with New Relic and Blackfire.io, building WYSIWYG CMS websites, full-page caching and reporting through Magento Business Intelligence and Magento Shopping. Those features have persuaded NEO24.pl to go with the migration to Magento 2.

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After completing the migration and implementing new features into the NEO24.pl website, we can proudly confirm that thanks to our team's great experience, the whole process has gone smoothly and uninterrupted. The new version of Magento is operating and improves the comfort of hundreds and more customers visiting the page every day.

Our actions

Phase 1:
Preparations for migration.
We began the operations by reviewing the content of NEO24.pl website. We had to determine how we should start the migration and what the timeframes would look like. To simplify this task, we had created a detailed plan, regarding each phase and dates of their realization. Then, we moved onto the technical work with the website.

Phase 2:
Performing the migration
Before putting the project into service, we checked all the implemented changes. In order to do that we had configured a test environment and transferred Magento 2 onto a new server. Next, in a proper order, we were transferring single elements: themes, extension and plug-ins, finishing with data and website content.

Phase 3:
Changes after migration
After developing appropriate conditions we commenced to transfer all of the remaining and important data from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Among them was the purchase history and customers’ data.


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