AWS implementation for

AWS implementation for


NEO24 is among the best online shops in Poland, offering a wide range of audio, video and household equipment. Despite this, it constantly develops its offer, providing more and more new product categories to its customers. It has been our business partner since 2015. Over the years of our cooperation, we have implemented many changes to improve the functioning of the shop. A significant revolution for the website was, among others, the implementation of the Progressive Web App and thus offering a new shopping experience to its users. NEO24.PL website enjoys wide recognition. It was awarded e.g. The Trusted Shops Certificate and included in the Ranking Of The Most Valuable Polish Brands.

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The change of infrastructure allowed for adjusting to the ever growing needs of users and automatic scalability matching the user traffic on-site. Our goal was to: 


Increase the processing power

Our client is now prepared for sudden spikes in website visits, especially during the pre-Christmas period when lots of products are more like to be sold. 

Scalable payment plans

We went with the solution that enabled our client to scale the size of EC2 instance, while offering payment plan of “pay as you go”. That ways AWS charges the client only when the tool is in use. 

High efficiency

Because of PWA implementation we kept all benefits of fast website loading time. 


Amazon Web Service is the current leader of public cloud solutions market with almost 50% of market share altogether. It is undoubtedly the best choice that ensures high processing power, database hosting, content delivery and many more products and services. These features simplify scalability, business growth and also each of this tools is fully supported with the tech team from Amazon. In our partners’s case, we’ve found the perfect solutions, which meet the requirements:

  • AutoScaling
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Amazon CloudFront
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Daniel Filipek

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

agencja ecommerce

AWS has the best solutions ranging from security, scalability and adjustments of the processing power.

Our actions

Our developers have implemented Amazon’s hosting architecture. We cared for the right scalability option of processing power and prioritized work on high availability system. We also put the EC2 solution to use in order to improve the in-cloud app scalability. 

This operations allowed for automatic architecture scaling dependent on the demand for processing power. It was a big improvement considering that before we’ve implemented it, the store could not scale its architecture at all.


Lower costs

The processing power scalability allows for adjusting the quantity and lowering the use of resources during the less traffic-heavy periods.

Access to any quantity of processing power

It allows for scaling the power depending on the website traffic size.

No need to maintain own servers

The hosting of databases frees from the necessity of servicing own cloud server responsible for functioning of the website.

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