Magento 2 implementation for

Magento 2 implementation for


An online shop operating on the office furniture retail and wholesale market since 2010, awarded, among others, with the Business Gazelle distinction.

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After acknowledging the client's needs, we decided that apart from usual Magento 2 implementation, we would also need special adjustments and preparations improving the quality of the project.


Data migration to Magento 2

In order to make the website function properly, we needed to transfer data about contractors, products and perform SEO migration to Magento 2.

Product configurator implementation

The client was keen on installing an advanced product configurator which would allow for detailed configuration of products and the types of materials used in their manufacturing. 

Preparation of shopping paths and modules

The client expressed a need for further adjustment of existing shopping paths so that they would meet requirements of institutional clients. The client also wished for installation of a module allowing for price calculation of delivery costs.


Magento 2 is the next version of the famous Magento Commerce used in the e-Commerce industry by hundreds of thousands of companies which by using this technique have achieved tangible results and developed their websites better than the competition. The Magento platform allows for a detailed configuration of websites and offers a wide range of extensions, including personalized modules and freedom in creating layouts. It is one of the most frequently used e-Commerce solutions by top companies.

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Our actions

The module we have introduced takes into account the system discount rules, if in the promotional rules has been set, for example, free delivery.
Our professionals prepared a special module that calculates the final cost of delivery depending on who is the manufacturer of a product present in the order. This module is fully configurable and equips the user with a tool to add new suppliers and calculates the delivery costs for them. In case if there are products from different manufacturers in an order, the system calculates the aggregate delivery cost for all producers. The module also takes into calculations the in-system rebates rules, in case, for example, if there is a free delivery option set in the promotion setting.

Our experts have prepared and implemented a defined product configurator with the new product type for Magento 2. It offers the possibility of linking relations between the chosen products’ attributes. Thanks to that, the administrator has the possibility to assign correct attribute variables to the products by simply ticking a checkbox and then defining the shared value. The implemented system is fully flexible and allows to utilize the already made attribute collections and the modify them, which significantly quickens the offer configuration.

We have used one-step order process in the store. It enables the customer to fill all the information needed for the completion of a purchase on a single web page. Next orders will use Ajax loading to speed up the process. Thanks to this solution the shopping path will be much simpler and the user will be able to shop even quicker. Additionally, to meet the needs of the institutional clients we developed a third adres, so called the buyer’s address.


Increased traffic registered after the implementation.

Online traffic rise by 159%.

Rise in completed transactions.

The number of transactions increased by 143% when compared with the old platform.

Higher average basket value.

The average basket value has risen by 21%.

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