Implementation of PWA for Grodno

Implementation of PWA for Grodno


Elektromag is a Polish brand offering solutions in the interior design industry, which focuses on selling lighting systems and fixtures. The portfolio of goods offered includes those made by internationally known manufacturers: Philips or Nowodvorski Lighting.

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The goal of the client was to change the system on which the shop infrastructure is based and install a frontend template. The PWA is much faster and should bring an increase in shop sales.


Changing the system to Magento

Changing the platform that operates shop from Shopper to Magento: the platform offers more functions and system expansion possibilities. 

Introduction of the PWA template

Implementing a PWA (Progressive Web Apps) solution for a faster shop experience and reduced page load times.


Progressive Web App (PWA) is an IT technology aimed at improving the user experience of websites in the form of mobile applications and desktop versions. It relies on using the cache memory which reduces the amount of data needed to load the content and thus speeds up the page loading. It also allows some content to be loaded offline. This solution is also used by Twitter or 


PWA is supported by the Magento platform which offers solutions in the sphere of online shops infrastructure. Thanks to the open licence and developed system, Magento is able to provide almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to e-stores designing and extension. This is why many businesses, e.g. Coca Cola, have chosen to use this platform.

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PWA uses modern web capabilities to guarantee a user experience similar to that of a dedicated mobile application. It meets specific requirements - it is deployed on servers, accessible via URL and indexed by search engines. This technology is the perfect link between the mobile and stationary worlds.

Our actions

After moving the shop to the Magento platform, G4N specialists initiated the introduction of a proprietary PWA solution. It was applied to the frontend part of the website. Our developers used GraphQL to convert the shop elements into the PWA format to ensure faster loading times for all elements. 

They also used the SOLR search engine, into which the product data of 15,000 unique goods was imported. To ensure the personalised and modern standards of use, our specialists reconstructed the existing modules.

In order to achieve high functionality, they implemented original modules using PWA technology, e.g. a brand module, product importer or feed generator. In accordance with the customer’s wishes, the solutions used were prepared with the specifics of his website in mind and took into account the challenges of Elektromag’s daily work. 


New operating system

Use of newer and more comprehensive system for shop management.

Implementation of PWA

According to the expectations, the PWA system was implemented, which accelerated the whole system.

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