Elektromag is a Polish brand offering solutions in the interior design industry, which focuses on selling lighting systems and fixtures. The portfolio of goods offered includes those made by internationally known manufacturers: Philips or Nowodvorski Lighting.

Case Studies

Magento Integration

We implemented necessary improvements using Baselinker platform. We connected over 10 shops and 20 storage in ERP system along with Magento and Allegro. We updated every product status, states and prices. Our client can now manage his store faster and easier. Magento also helped to monitor other vendors.

strona internetowa po integracji z Magento

Migration to Magento 2 for Grodno

After examining the state of the shop and becoming familiar with the client’s expectations, we started the process of migrating the website to a newer and more versatile platform - Magento. It offers more solutions and is suitable for all kinds of applications.

strona główna po migracji Magento

Implementation of PWA

After a thorough analysis of the client's needs, we decided to implement the PWA system to speed up the website and reduce the amount of data needed to load individual pages. This improves shopping experience for the customer.

załadowana strona po wprowadzeniu PWA