UX support for Elmark

UX support for Elmark


One of the leading suppliers of industrial automation and robotics components on the Polish market with 40 years of experience. On their website you can find products for applications also in power industry, marine, mining, education, logistics and other industrial sectors. Elmark is constantly adapting its offer in order to stay on, or even ahead of, technological trends. This approach was one of the reasons for starting our cooperation. 

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A complete rebranding of the website according to the new brief prepared in a workshop with the client, which included:


Arranging the assortment

Verifying a very wide product offer and arranging it in such a way that each user could find interesting offers intuitively.

Changing the composition

Adjusting the appearance of the product sub-page to match the requirements of the product information.


The success of the product is largely determined by its usability, as well as the emotions and impressions that accompany users while using its various functions (user experience). Attention to the details, quality of realisation and ergonomics of e-Commerce implementations have become a necessary condition for functioning in the world of modern technology: positive experiences related to the use of a website directly affect many factors, the most important of which include:


  1. Influencing purchase decisions that affects company’s financial performance
  2. Reducing the number of rejections in the path of purchase while increasing conversions concerning selected activities within the e-shop (buying at a discount, signing up for a newsletter etc.)
  3. Increase customer loyalty to the brand
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Łukasz Lipski

Project Manager

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Preparing functional mock-ups which perfectly reflect user habits is quite a challenge. Fortunately, thanks to our methodology and several iterations we have a proven and functional product.

Our actions

We prepared a workshop with the client that helped us gather basic data about the UX they wanted. Based on this, we created a website map with all the flows.

After approval, we were ready to focus on specific views, which we A/B tested on a group of potential clients. Once the functional mock-ups were accepted by the client, we prepared graphic layouts in line with the new branding requirements.


Improved website architecture

A more intuitive and functional website which makes it easier for customers to navigate.

A website compatible with new visual communication

Graphic consistency and a refreshed layout compliant with modern trends.

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