Migration to Magento 2 for Elmark

Migration to Magento 2 for Elmark


One of the leading suppliers of industrial automation and robotics components on the Polish market with 40 years of experience. On their website one can find the products for application also in power industry, marine, mining, education, logistics and other industrial sectors. Elmark is constantly adapting its offer in order to stay on, or even ahead of, technological trends. This approach was one of the reasons for starting our cooperation.

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During migration, our priorities were to preserve product database, categories, orders and passwords but in addition we had to focus on:


Migration of customer accounts

The complex structure of customer accounts divided into companies, departments and individual accounts additionally required the maintenance of management and ordering conditions for these entities.

Matching to customer requirements

Due to the client’s requirements and its internal procedures in regard to delivery of subsequent stages of the solution, we had to strictly adjust to the schedule set by the client.


Since June 2020, Adobe 1 is no longer a supported platform. If your organization is still running on Magento 1, it is facing quite a few difficulties: 

  1. Security patches are not produced after the licence expires.
  2. Magento 1 will no longer introduce any innovative solutions. 

Using unsupported software is a risky policy which is why each of our partners work on the Magento 2 platform.

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Our actions

Thanks to a dedicated API module we could work directly on the client’s data without interfering with his systems during the migration. We could move the whole shop to platform Magento 2.0 and install all modules, add-ons and extensions we needed.

In particularly we focused on rewrite discount module. It helps to create an individual offer according to location and currency of the buyer.


Migration to platform Magento 2

Guarantee of technical support and new updates from producer.

Brand new discount module

Fitted to needs of the client, which delivers a custom service and increased comfort and functionality.

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