Integration with RWD standard and Opineo website for Bittersweet Paris

Integration with RWD standard and Opineo website for Bittersweet Paris


The Bittersweet Paris brand offers sales of clothing and accessories. Its designs refer to spontaneousness, popular culture and uncompromisingness. The brand quickly gained recognition and trust of people all around the world.

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The client needed solutions that offered greater responsiveness and increased brand presence online. The proposals offered included:


Integration of the shop with Opineo website

Integration the client’s website with the Opineo comparison engine, which allows customers to exchange insights on selected brands and increases reach. 

Introduction of Responsive Web Design standard

Coding of the website in the Responsive Web Design standard, which provides a better user experience on mobile devices and increased quality of displayed content.

Integration with Multistore system

The integration of the shop with the Multistore system was intended to facilitate the management of different versions of the shop without the need to switch to another platform. 


Responsive Web Design is a coding standard supported by Google that aims to automatically scale page layouts for all mobile devices. Google representative confirmed that websites that adhere to these standards rank much better in searches. On the other hand, using the Multistore system streamlines the management of multiple shops and language versions of shops. This is done from the level of one panel common for all shops of the owner.

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Our actions

In the age of ubiquitous digitalisation, a requisite element of a brand’s online presence is high position in online price rankings. For this reason, one of the first implemented solutions was the integration with the Opineo website, which enables the exchange of observations between customers of selected brands. Properly implemented, it allows to systematically build a credible image of the company online: an online customer trusts the opinions of other users  to a greater extent than traditional advertising. 

During our first meeting the most important and at the time the most basic priority was established: responsiveness. This solution is particularly important from the point of view of Bittersweet’s target group, which consists mainly of mobile device users.

The international reach of the Bittersweet brand also became an inspiration for using multistore solutions. Thanks to implementations of them by our experts, shop administrators gained the ability to serve many customers on one server, which resulted in cost reduction and increased data migration speed. This solution is also more convenient for the users: thanks to it, they can, among other things, choose the language version of the website and the currency in which the payment for purchases will be made.


Improving SEO performance

Thanks to the introduction of RWD, the website has achieved a better positioning factor related to compatibility with the Mobile First approach.

Reducing costs associated with maintaining the website

Both Responsive Web Design and the multistore solution eliminate the need of have multiple versions of the websites due to division of devices (desktop and mobile) and geographical division (different language versions with corresponding currencies).

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