Prezentokracja is webpage that provides its users with the possibility of buying unusual gifts. Its offer covers something more than ordinary products: one could find there emotions and experiences rather than traditional souvenirs. Baloon flight, extreme car race, parachuting and scuba diving lessons are only some examples of different options to choose via website.



One of the first functionalities to be implemented by developers was constant shopping cart monitoring. In practice, the aforementioned solution is presented to the user in a form of popup that informs about the products that have currently been added to shopping cart. Additionally, there is also a counter that presents the current number of added products which allows users to control their shopping process.




All the aforementioned functionalities have been created with careful consideartion of user experience that results in shortening shopping process. Amongst various types of facilitations, one should pay careful attention to, inter alia:

  1. link to new in and last minute offers,
  2. advanced search engine that enables to choose products on the basis of their localisation, categories, price and more,
  3. the possibility of automatic redirection to subpage with the most popular products,
  4. the possibility to grade chosen product as well as check/compare its recommendations created by previous clients.

Each of the aforementioned functionalities can be edited directly by store’s administrator. This does not involve additional help and makes the potential update extremely fast.


INTEGRATION WITH BLOG is also integrated with company’s blog which focuses mostly on details connected to brand’s recent offer. Each publication is created in form of reportage which allows users to get to know more about products. This type of commercial is completely free of charge and, apart from this, is also considered to be one of the most effective. This is why careful attention has been paid to its graphic design (instead of static banner, we decided to take advantage of short, yet eyecatching movie) and relevant display of button linking to published materials.

Additionally, we also decided to implement newsletter sign-in form which has been integrated with Mailchimp system, In order to acquire the most valuable mail database, the system has also been integrated with double opt-in mechanism which requires from user double confirmation of subscription agreement (firstly from the level of main page and secondly as activation mail sent to given e-mail adress). As a result, the number of bounce rate can be minimalised in the future.



While designing solutions for, developers have also been paying careful attention to make all the processes maximally easy to undertake. The example of such solution is contact form which requires only name, surname and e-mail adress to fill in.

Similar strategy has also been used in case of designing product cards. They consist mainly of product photo and short description. There is also the possibility to sort available products according to chosen attributes (recommendations, new-in, price) what makes finding particular product faster and easier than ever.

As part of the aforementioned functionality, we also decided to incorporate into the project the possibility to rate the offer. On the basis of the number of stars given by users (the more stars are assigned to parcitular product, the more attractive it appears to potential customers) the system creates the list of the most popular experiences which serves as advisor to undecided users. The offer can also be published in Social Media (product site is equipped with icons enabling customers to share product card on their Social Media profile).