During 15 years of existence, Neonet has developed strong market position that resulted in being one of the most frequently chosen television, radio and domestic electrical appliances shops in Poland. Due to company’s dynamic development, there has also been a serious growth in the demand for modern solutions expediting online sales. This is why webpage has been created. It not only enables shopping and delivery under chosen adress but also serves as brand’s information platform.



In the time of pervasive digitalisation, one of absolutely inevitable elements of brand’s online presence is its high position in virtual price ranks. This is why, first of all, we decided to integrate webpage with Opineo site that enables different clients to exchange insights. Properly implemented, it allows to systematically build credible image of brand within the Internet: online customers are more likely to believe other clients than traditional forms of advertising.

In order to increase the number of opinions and encourage clients to share experiences connected to Neonet brand, we decided to send additional e-mails asking to rate products bought via webpage. Combined with the possibility to publish grades from webpage’s level, it gives a strong base for word of mouth marketing activities in the future.




We believe that developed system of communication is the key to successful dialogue with clients. This is why webpage has been enriched with „Expert’s advice“ bookmark which provides users with practical information concerning such topics as use, conservation and the process of choosing products avilable in Neonet stores. In order to make webpage navigation easier, subpage has been complemented by the possibility to search with the use of different tags and to add comments which allow to contact store’s administrator. Additionally, there is also the possibility to share the link via Social Media and/or merge Facebook account directly with customer’s account in store.



In order to meet clients’ high expectations, store has been enriched with various modules, inter alia:

  1. promotional leaflets module that presents the downloadable offer in the form of interactive newspaper (thanks to Google Analytics module it is also possible to collect information about the number of downloads) with direct links to products,
  2. brands module that enables users to browse products according to producer (subpage is complemented by detailed descriptions),
  3. new-in module that shows the list of the newest products available (the offer includes photos and short description),
  4. weekly promotions and recommended offers module that navigates users to subpages with products of highest rate and/or promotional price.

All the aforementioned modules can be easily edited by store’s administrator via Magento panel. This is why the process of updating the offer is shortened and does not require many people to be involved.




While designing solutions for webpage, our developers had to take into consideration wide range of products offered by the brand. As a result, search engine available on e-store is able to handle advanced settings: its findings are always extremely fast and as precise as possible.

Exemplary features that serve as basis for further search are, inter alia:

  1. color,
  2. size,
  3. price.

After choosing particular product, client is presented with additional list of related devices available in store (for example, after choosing tv set, user’s product card also suggests accessories connected to its assembly and conservation) and alternative product card (including products of the same or similar parameters). All the elements can be easily imported by administrator either via CSV file or from external system. Shopping process has also been integrated with chosen online payment intermediaries (inter alia, PayPal, PayU, Dotpay and iDeal).



The list of all the solutions implemented into is long, but probably the most important one is connected to shopping process finalisation. In case of online customers, developers have to pay careful attention to the timing of transaction finalisation: we managed to shorten it into just one step. In practise, customer is only obliged to log in to webpage and insert credit card number.

Additionaly, there is also the possibility to reserve chosen product and purchase insurance.




All of the aforementioned elements are just some of the aspects of cooperation between Global4Net and Neonet brands. After detailed training focused on Magento software administration, our specialists are happy to help with everyday duties connected to e-store maintenance. Additionally, the described project is developed as it goes, according to constant changes which results in systematic growth of sales and high level of brand trust.