Marketing automation

Marketing Automation is the solution that allows to fully automatize most of marketing activities. With properly prepaired software, tools and applications, MA changes the most difficult to manage tasks into easy, self-administered processes. The most popular elements that undergo MA are, inter alia:

  • e-mail,
  • newsletter,
  • user behaviour monitoring,
  • potential clients segmentation,
  • lead scoring,
  • lead nurturing,
  • offer preparation.

Marketing Automation is mostly based on integrating e-commerce software with additional modules that can do some of simple and repeatable duties connected with sales and marketing (like, inter alia, sending sale coupons, simple analyses, personal data management, communication optimalisation and shopping path monitoring) for marketing employees. One of the biggest assets is, however, the increase of chance to reach people who may be highly interested in brand’s products. Consequently, it allows to save time, energy and money that is usually spent on activities that bring low ROI level.