Magento is a software that gained trust of most of the biggest international brands. Wide range of its functionalities enables to, inter alia, create analyses and reports, implement various payment systems and manage different stores via one administrative panel.

This is why we also trusted Magento: Global4Net is one of the few companies in Poland that specialises only in Magento software implementations. Our employees are certified Magento developers of every level that focus their work mainly on:

  • integrations with external service providers,
  • coordinations of e-stores migrations,
  • ERP systems integrations,
  • e-stores audit,
  • code optimalisation.

Our experience covers B2B as well as B2C: we solved most of the problems that e-businessmen from Poland and Eastern Europe face every day. Our developers take care of the highest quality of projects in order to be certain that we provide our clients with the best version of their e-stores. 

  • 18.07.2019
    You run your online store and notice increasing increases. You have therefore created a platform that has a great interest among customers. What is the next step in company development? Certainly it may be an extension of sales to new markets, i.e. starting operations in other countri...
  • 16.07.2019
    What is the cache warming up? It's a cache memory warming process that developers use to improve website performance.   Many websites rely heavily on cache. It is a system that stores parts of a web page in high-performance mass memory. It is done to avoid loading information from low-perform...
  • 11.07.2019
    Magento was published in 2015 as a newer and refined version of the e-commerce platform. These are the differences between Magento 1:  - Improved performance: Magento 2 sites will work 20% faster on average. Fast loading websites will improve sales and their position in search results. - Faci...