InspiredBy is a unique website that offers the possibility to subscribe gift sets composed by Polish celebrities. Its offer covers not only typical beauty kits, but also, inter alia, foodstuff, branded accessories and jewelry. As part of subscription, clients receive exclusive products from such brands as Marc Jacobs, Astor, Adidas, Anatomicals, E.Wedel and many others. Each month, thousands of parcels inspired by celebrities find their way to reach regular customers’ homes. 



The operation of website is based on ordering system and regular shippings that are provided within specific timing. Taking into consideration the fact that different types of gift sets are characterised by various deadlines of delivery, we had many factors to think over before designing subscription architecture.

The effect of our developers’ work is expanded structure of orders that enables its users to take full controll over particular stages of shipping process through:

  1. „my account“ bookmark which enables its users to edit ordered subscriptions and check their current status,
  2. the link redirecting to order history panel which shows subscription registry,
  3. the button redirecting to bookmark containing data concerning current subscriptions (there is also the possibility to follow and/or cancel orders),
  4. the button enabling signing in to newsletter,
  5. integrated payment systems.

Advanced subscription system requires adequate payment architecture. That is why we paid careful attention to the integration with chosen online payment systems intermediaries. After careful analysis of the most effective solutions, we have also made the decision of adding the possibility to obtain the information about parcel via contact form. The aforementioned solution improved communication process between clients and shop administrators. There is also the possibility to sign up to newsletter.




After developing technical background of the project, we started working on web page’s layout. In the interest of its better visibility and higher SEO results, one of our first decisions was to implement Responsive Web Design solutions which are about changing web site’s code in the way which enables adjusting page’s layout to various devices. It also allows site’s administrators to, inter alia, implement further changes in layout and saving costs connected to web page’s maintenance.

Another hi-tech solution implmented to web’s design was, so called, Infinite Scroll which presents web’s content in the form of even stream. This solution is considered to be the most convenient: apart from scrolling, reading the content published on web does not involve any additional actions from user (what also makes Infinite Scroll very helpful solution for building web pages for mobile devices). Moreover, as proven in UX tests, deleting all the markers indicating the end of particular page increases the number of consumed content. This is the result of client’s inner willingness to finish the material being read and has been proven many times, for example on Facebook (its newsfeed can engage for hours).

Another interesting solution which increases web site’s atractiveness is presenting the news and additional materials in a form of sliders (mobile photographs which redirect to subpages with detailed information). This type of addendum is not only convenient from user’s point of view (it does not require browsing web page for particular data) but also visually attractive: professional photographs and mobile elements are eye-catching and more user-friendly.

All the aforementioned implementations have been designed on the basis of JavaScript technology in order to avoid possible problems with page updates in the future. It also eliminated most of technical problems and increased the fluency of use.



Living in the world of Social Media, we can not ommit them in the process of designing web page. Owing to this, from the level of main page, there is the possibility of transferringt o brand’s fanpage and its Twitter profile. This solution generates various sale and marketing opportunities:

  1. it allows to show the products in lifestyle surroundings, which, especially in case of beauty products, influences the results of sales,
  2. it warms up company’s image through poviding content that includes clients’ and authors’ reviews,
  3. it fosters the development of Word of Mouth Marketing connected to offered products and promotions (according to researches, this type od promotion is more successful than advertising since clients tend to trust other peoples’ opinion more than marketing campaigns),
  4. it enchances the number of potential subscribers, including new target groups (every Social Media channel of communication reaches different group characterised by different needs),
  5. it shortens the path of communication between client and brand (filling in contact forms is time-consuming, as opposite to direct conversation via comments or fanpage chat).

The aforementioned benefits are just a drop in the ocean of Social Media advantages that can be reached with low budget. This is why, as a part of integrating the domain with Social Media plugins, we have also added the possibility of connecting to web page via Facebook account which allows to share shipping data fast and without filling in complicated forms.