Case Studies



Case study of the implementation of one of the biggest television, radio and domestic electrical appliances distributors in Poland. Its offer includes, inter alia, consoles, computers, telephones and photo accessories that are ready to sale in over 500 stationary shops within the whole country.


Detailed case studies on implementation will appear soon

Moje Krzesla

Detailed case studies on implementation will appear soon


Case study describing the process of developing one of the most unique international clothing e-stores. Final effect of the implementation can be defined as original max of juicy layout with futuristic technologies.


E-store implementation for one of the biggest companies that specialises in providing effective motivational solutions. Its offer includes elegant business presents as well as modern ways of rewarding and building relationships: wedding gifts, experiences and more.


Case study of one of the most exclusive e-stores in Poland. New e-commerce system for SunLoox means convenience of use and inteligent solutions that are able to remember clients’ behaviour.

New e-commerce system consisting of multidimensional sales and the best Responsive Web Design solutions for medical distribution leader.

Remont i budowa
Original solutions and advanced functionalities that make shopping shorter and more intuitive. We change the image of world’s leader in housing.

Implementation of the platform, offering a wide range of external and internal lighting.

Ze skory
Implementation of the website for one of the largest manufacturers of high quality natural leather accessories on the Polish market. A wide range of products created from passion for the leather can be found there.

Implementation of the platform for a Polish company operating successfully since 2007. It offers myPhone, HAMMER and techBite products, provides comprehensive contract manufacturing services under its own brands as well.

Implementation of the platform, which is offering lighting and LED lamps for home and business.

Implementation of the platform, which is offering unique furniture for home and office, as well as equipment and decorations.

Czerwona Maszyna
Czerwona Maszyna has been operating since 2003 and is one of the oldest Polish stores related to design and interior design ideas.

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