Have you heard about the Sales Force Automation (SFA) system? It turns out that, unlike the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, it is not often used in our country. Many people are not even aware of its existence, which in some cases can be a big loss. The use of SFA is most often found among some producers of solutions for the sales industry. It is then used as an alternative to CRM systems. How are the two tools different and when is it better to implement SFA solutions? Advise.

SFA systems implementation

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Running a company without its presence on Facebook is a huge difficulty for an entrepreneur. Experience shows that many users seek information about the company from social networking sites. Therefore, having a Facebook profile is extremely important for building your online visibility and creating the image of an expert in a given industry. What's more, a Facebook account allows you to contact your customers, interact, get feedback and opinions on products or services offered. Thanks to this action, you can get valuable information relevant to running and necessary to grow your business without much effort.


If you already have your company profile on Facebook, it's worth taking a look at the Open Graph issue. It is a protocol that allows integration of other websites with Facebook. It guarantees control over the presentation of your content on a social network, ensuring better interaction with users. See how to use Open Graph tags.

Open Graph for Facebook

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The company, regardless of size, should generate profit. It is calculated to take into account many different factors, which in turn are determined by a given industry. The best indicator of a company's success is financial profit, most often calculated at the end of the month.


However, there are indicators that help to determine a company's performance in a situation where we do not know whether specific results are good or better than the competition. Similarly, when a company is just starting its business and there is still no experience in assessing the success of an investment.

KPI in e-commerce

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Are you interested in working in the IT industry, and programming is the field you want to deal with? Fortunately, this market is very absorbent and even people without experience can find a satisfying job. But how do you get on with it and create the first application for the selected position? Presenting your skills and qualifications is very important. You must also make the right impression during the interview. Check how to prepare for taking up your first job in IT. Even if you don't have much experience or what's more, you are still in college and want to start your professional career.

IT job

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The decision to open the online store has been made. Action plan for the next period prepared. In that case, it's time to choose an e-commerce agency that will create your shopping platform. Contrary to appearances, this is not such a simple task. There are more and more companies offering the services of placing and operating platforms on the market. How to choose the one that will best meet your expectations? It all depends on several factors. First of all, from your strategy, specifying plans, your business style of work and your budget. Knowing the right indicators will make it easier for you to make the right decision. See what to look for before working with an e-commerce software house.

E-commerce agency

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Do you run a commercial activity and want to start it also on the Internet? The interest in launching B2B platforms is increasing. Why is this happening? It turns out that communication via B2B system is becoming the standard in cooperation between companies. It is much faster and more convenient for both sides. What's more, customers also benefit from this solution. Thanks to the B2B platform you can also maximize the efficiency of your business processes. How to do it? Discover an effective way to implement a B2B system and apply it in your company.


B2B implementations

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If you are starting an e-commerce business, you know that the first step you need to do is to choose a sales platform. Similarly, if you want to migrate an existing store. In both situations, you need to decide on a specific type of platform. Which one to bet on? Each e-commerce solution has its pros and cons. However, if you want to make an informed decision, learn about the most popular types of online trading platforms.

E-commerce platforms

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Do you use the Pimcore platform? Its latest and most equipped version has just appeared - Pimcore 6.0. Enriched with new possibilities, it is already becoming the favorite open and seamlessly integrated digital experience platform (DXP). It offers an improved user interface, the latest technology solutions based on the Symfony 4 framework and many other advanced features for professionals using Pimcore.

Pimcore 6

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Progressive Web App is most often discussed in the context of implementing and presenting differences compared to a regular website. No wonder, because PWA offers many benefits not only to the user, but also to the implementation company. Many experts call this solution revolutionary. Why?

PWA implementing

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Conducting e-commerce activities is not possible without appropriate IT systems. IT solutions are used to support many processes, e.g. in the sales industry. From ordering an assortment, through handling product information, the ordering process to shipping and noting stock status. Therefore, IT systems determine the way the entire company functions. However, there is often a need to integrate IT systems so that they can work together rather than as programs that are completely independent of each other.


This situation occurs especially in companies in which separate systems are used to support the purchasing process, customers, resource management and accounting services. Each of them has separate functions and different properties, so it is difficult to include them in one software. Fortunately, there is a process of integration of many IT systems that resolves the problem. Due to this operation, completely different systems can communicate and cooperate effectively. Although they differ in their purpose, they often use the same data and, above all, the same devices. So there are no obstacles to connect them together. How to do this type of IT system integration? See what to look for.

IT systems integration

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a service platform located in the cloud. It offers many types of services, including database hosting, computing services in the field of content (content delivery) and other products and services that facilitate scaling and business growth. Entrepreneurs looking for new and effective technological solutions suitable for their business are eager to use this platform. What should you choose and which AWS solutions should you choose when working with the cloud and when designing the infrastructure of applications and online services? Discover the list of the 14 most interesting Amazon Web Services.

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Mule ESB is a product that enables integration of many applications in a simple and fast way. ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), in other words the Corporate Service Bus, is a solution in which many systems can be dynamically turned on and off in a multi-layered corporate environment. Mule enables data integration in real time or in batch. It has universal connection and integration capabilities with various systems, including JMS, Web Services, JDBC and HTTP. This solution resembles physical data buses in desktops. However, here we are dealing with Anypoint Platform engine based on Java.


In short, this platform enables communication of various applications, operating on the principle of a transit tunnel through which data travels. The exchange can take place inside a closed environment or via the Internet. The ESB conducts integration without sharing information about the physical location of any of the other information services or protocols.


What makes Mule ESB stand out from other products? Data exchange takes place between different formats and protocols. You can direct messages, filter them, collect and change their order based on their content and rules. ESB Mule will accompany every exchange and protect them from message formatting and separate business logic from communication.

Mule ESB

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B2B platforms functioning in every online activity are becoming the industry standard. Transferring the burden of transactions and cooperation only to the network is probably the natural course of things and the future of the whole business. Just as B2C stores are growing in sales, also cooperation between companies can take place on the digital platform.


The reason why such solutions are becoming more and more popular are, among others, financing methods. It is possible to obtain financing from EU funds. Software leasing and technology credit are other methods. The implementation of the new platform no longer has to be associated with a financially ruinous enterprise. And for some companies this type of solution may even be the reason for the decision to start e-commerce and implement a B2B platform.


The doubt that companies have before implementing is often the fear of failure. Changing the platform is a complicated operation that requires many actions. However, if it is done by professionals, the risk of failure is much smaller. A company with experience will be able to convince undecided clients with its own portfolio full of successful implementations. They will also be better oriented in ways that will guarantee profits from the introduction of the platform. Both financial and operational efficiency of the enterprise.

Implementing the B2B platform

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The basis for running an online warehouse, in addition to an attractive range, is the e-commerce platform. Without proper selection, it is difficult to effectively sell goods and manage business. How to choose a B2B system that will meet all your needs? Get to know 10 questions that are worth knowing before answering the final selection.

B2B platform

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Why should you implement omnichannel in your online business? Because the internet client is picky and uses the network to meet his high expectations. He is also a buyer oriented and determined to make a specific purchase and sometimes needs only tips to direct his steps towards a specific product. Therefore, he uses many channels at the same time, because each of them brings him a different benefit. On the smartphone, he performs preliminary research, on the laptop finalizes the transaction, and in the stationary store receives the order. This is a common practice for an online consumer and his expectations should be met.

Omnichannel strategy

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Omnichannel is essential for effective business operations. You should be aware of this when your business is using only one channel. If it is the case, you should consider taking a step and going with the times. How to prepare for such action, when the implementation of omnichannel seems a real revolution?

Omnichannel - implementing

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Have you decided that you introduce omnichannel in your company? This is a great step forward, which will definitely bring profits. However, there is always some but ... You have to remember that by making some mistakes your venture may end in failure or serious problems. Check out what the biggest mistakes in omnichannel implementations to avoid to be successful.

Mistakes in omnichannel implementations

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We live in an age in which digitization is so common that it has taken over virtually all aspects of our lives. First of all, shopping. Access to the Internet allows you to make a complete overview of your product group within a few hours. Such an approach is characterized by the so-called smart shoppers. They are customers that are well-oriented, determined for a specific product and looking for the best offer.


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The Business to Business sales market is an underestimated branch of commerce by novice or developing sellers. However, most of the distributors working in the B2B market most often come from B2C (Business to Customer). They are encouraged by new technologies and their possibilities. Nevertheless, the transition to the new branch of the market is combined with major changes for the brand and store. How to deal with this? Magento comes with the help, which not only facilitates the opening of new channels, but also their conduction.

Magento as a B2B sales system

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What is the basis for online trading? Certainly a noteworthy assortment. However, that's not all, because even if you offer your customers a valuable product in your store, you may find that they will not be willing to buy it. And it's even possible that they would prefer to buy from your competitors. Thus, the basis of online sales is not the product you own and how you serve your customer. In this matter, the most important are new technologies and innovations during the purchasing process, which in itself can be a pleasure for your client.

Innovations in omnichannel implementations

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