Why should you implement omnichannel in your online business? Because the internet client is picky and uses the network to meet his high expectations. He is also a buyer oriented and determined to make a specific purchase and sometimes needs only tips to direct his steps towards a specific product. Therefore, he uses many channels at the same time, because each of them brings him a different benefit. On the smartphone, he performs preliminary research, on the laptop finalizes the transaction, and in the stationary store receives the order. This is a common practice for an online consumer and his expectations should be met.

Omnichannel strategy

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Omnichannel is essential for effective business operations. You should be aware of this when your business is using only one channel. If it is the case, you should consider taking a step and going with the times. How to prepare for such action, when the implementation of omnichannel seems a real revolution?

Omnichannel - implementing

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Have you decided that you introduce omnichannel in your company? This is a great step forward, which will definitely bring profits. However, there is always some but ... You have to remember that by making some mistakes your venture may end in failure or serious problems. Check out what the biggest mistakes in omnichannel implementations to avoid to be successful.

Mistakes in omnichannel implementations

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We live in an age in which digitization is so common that it has taken over virtually all aspects of our lives. First of all, shopping. Access to the Internet allows you to make a complete overview of your product group within a few hours. Such an approach is characterized by the so-called smart shoppers. They are customers that are well-oriented, determined for a specific product and looking for the best offer.


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The Business to Business sales market is an underestimated branch of commerce by novice or developing sellers. However, most of the distributors working in the B2B market most often come from B2C (Business to Customer). They are encouraged by new technologies and their possibilities. Nevertheless, the transition to the new branch of the market is combined with major changes for the brand and store. How to deal with this? Magento comes with the help, which not only facilitates the opening of new channels, but also their conduction.

Magento as a B2B sales system

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What is the basis for online trading? Certainly a noteworthy assortment. However, that's not all, because even if you offer your customers a valuable product in your store, you may find that they will not be willing to buy it. And it's even possible that they would prefer to buy from your competitors. Thus, the basis of online sales is not the product you own and how you serve your customer. In this matter, the most important are new technologies and innovations during the purchasing process, which in itself can be a pleasure for your client.

Innovations in omnichannel implementations

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What distinguishes the B2B system from other systems to support online activities? Its significant feature is that it is distinguished from the B2C system, which is more popular and often easier to implement. However, most of all the B2B platform, unlike other serving retail clients, has the ability to service several hundred customers who regularly make high-value orders for specific goods. Although this type of transaction is less than in the B2C store, the orders are much higher. For this reason, the specificity of sales in the B2B sector requires a suitable tool adapted to its character. So what should the best B2B system look like and what should it be like?

The best B2B system

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The age-old conundrum of every salesman is how to get a customer from the viewer. The answer is simple - using data about the user's path of movement on the store's website and the UX (User Experience) survey.

Increasing conversion rate

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The growing e-commerce market is a force that can not be stopped. It is also a field for sellers experienced in stationary sales. Both forms of trade differ not only in the sales characteristics, but also in the type of service. Having the right knowledge and working methods is crucial for sales success. However, in the case of an online store, the right tool can tip the balance of success in favor of the seller. But do you really need extensive sales experience to set up a successful online store?


Most of the burden of transactions and servicing of e-commerce business rests on the system. He deals not only with the storage, sale, coordination of dispatch, but also with ordering payments, managing product data and customer data. That is why it is so important to choose an integrated tool that will handle both sides of the store - exhibition and facilities.

Magento Commerce implementation

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Omnichannel has come to the e-commerce industry for good. It has become the norm for every self-respecting seller. However, we should consider whether this is only a temporary trend, followed in an unknown way, or determinant of the development direction of technology companies?


Technological development over the last 10 years has been staggering. The stores still mainly consisted of stationary sales, and there were not many online store owners on the market. However, the changes that have occurred force developers to adapt to new requirements. Communication with the user must be more extensive and multi-channel. The buyer on the internet, due to the nature of shopping, needs extensive product information, the ability to compare prices or narrow the scope of the product sought. Online stores have active promotion in social channels, and users expect it. This level of communication is necessary.

Omnichannel in e-commerce

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Omnichannel are promotional activities carried out in various e-commerce channels. Therefore, they concern paid advertising campaigns, promotions in social media, updating offers in newsletters, writing content on the website and blog, communication carried out in mobile applications and in all other channels used by the online store.


In these activities, personalization of marketing content is the most important. They should be created in this way, regardless of where they are distributed, because it is a great way to increase user engagement and thus increase the conversion rate. And also a way to build the image of an expert in the company, which is then perceived as the one who "knows his stuff". How to introduce omnichannel into your business? 

Omnichannel implementation

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Before you choose an e-commerce platform for your store, you need to pay attention to many of its parameters. For this purpose, it is best to answer a few questions and make the final choice based on them. What to look for and what is important when deciding on a specific type of B2B platform?

B2B platform

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You run your online store and notice increasing increases. You have therefore created a platform that has a great interest among customers. What is the next step in company development? Certainly it may be an extension of sales to new markets, i.e. starting operations in other countries. It's a proven way to grow used by many enterprises. However, how to get on with it to start international sales succesfully?

international sales

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What is the cache warming up? It's a cache memory warming process that developers use to improve website performance.


Many websites rely heavily on cache. It is a system that stores parts of a web page in high-performance mass memory. It is done to avoid loading information from low-performance systems or from parts of systems with lower bandwidth.


Cache files are present in many places when configuring the page. They can be found in processors, embedded in the database, as well as in applications such as Redis or Memcached.

 cache warming up

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Magento was published in 2015 as a newer and refined version of the e-commerce platform. There are many differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Magento 2 migration

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What significantly wins in the optimization of mobile transactions? It is above all simplicity. This is evidenced by the results of research conducted by the Mobile eCommerce Optimizaton Initiative. They were received thanks to the initiative of cooperation of the Magneto community with PayPal, HiConversion and the eCommerce System Integrators community.

multi-channel sales

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E-commerce manager, online store manager, e-commerce coordinator, or e-commerce team leader - we would be surprised by the name of the workplace a dozen or so years ago. Today, however, no one is surprised by the demand for this type of employees. In the era of rapid development of online trade, the presence of specialists who are familiar with the industry is indispensable. Online sales have changed over the last few years - from purchasing unique and hard-to-reach products in stationary stores, we have gone on to buying basic necessities with delivery to our homes. Therefore, the e-commerce industry is constantly growing and the demand for its qualified personnel is growing. What is the e-commerce manager's job and why is it needed in the company?

ecommerce manager

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Omnichannel in e-commerce is already an industry standard. If you want to run a shop that is modern and will offer the customer the service you expect, sales and multi-channel promotion is obligatory.

omnichannel ecommerce

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In the field of open source search engines, SOLR and Elasticsearch are the leaders. Their common feature is Lucene - the software on which both search engines are based. There are a lot of differences, so the choice between them must be subjective. To choose correctly, you need to be aware of your needs and to match them with the right search engine.

SOLR and Elastic Search

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You know that in America as many as 95% of society has a mobile phone? What's more, they are the most popular devices for shopping online. Such data has been made available by the Pew Research Center research center. 

Most commercial transactions take place during the holiday season. In 2018, record sales were recorded using mobile devices. It also turns out that as many as one in five Americans use the Internet only via a smartphone, without having a home broadband connection at all.

trends that will forever change the e-commerce

Similar trends can be observed in Poland. That is why it is worth taking a closer look at the revolution in online trading, which will happen soon. Meet 6 leading trends in e-commerce.

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