2020 can certainly be hailed as the boom in the e-commerce industry. This was caused by the overall technological advances in this field, but also by the pandemic situation, which forced users to become interested in online trading. A significant number of them, even after the lifting of restrictions on traditional trade, have already stayed there. What is the key in the e-commerce industry? Of course, a properly adapted purchasing platform, high-quality products, focus on user needs, as well as transport. It is worth focusing on the latter a little longer, because it is an important issue from the perspective of both the owner and the customer. Shipping has become a key component of an e-commerce sales strategy that often convinces users to purchase from a specific store and more. So let's take a close look at why shipping should be a fundamental part of e-commerce marketing and why it's worth taking care of it!


How to use product shipping in your marketing strategy?

When creating a marketing strategy, goals should be defined. They must be well defined and specified. Then you need to decide how they will be budgeted. It is also important that this applies to every offer presented to customers.


Imagine a situation where you are considering a medium-sized order. Take a look at its shipping costs. If you eliminate or reduce the costs incurred by the customer for marketing purposes, you need to know how you will pay for the shipment without risking losses. Starting with budgeting will help you with this, because then you will understand what you can afford and how each offer can change your current accounting.


How are e-commerce companies doing?

Most often they choose one of two approaches:


1. Include shipping cost in product prices for the entire year.

2. They spend a bit more of their marketing budget on shipping so they can offer great deals all year round.


The first way, paying shipping costs by increasing product prices, can help to make any promotion sustainable as your business grows. However, price-sensitive customers may object to this. In turn, potential competition may lower their base prices.


The second way - using marketing funds can make it easier to offer limited deals related to business goals, such as testing new markets or growing your customer base. However, you must emphasize that your offers are limited. Such honesty is a central theme of any e-commerce marketing related to shipping.


When considering which strategy to choose, be mindful of your audience. You may find that most of them expect discounted or free shipping on large orders. What constitutes a "large" order is also industry-specific. For some it will be a coat above PLN 300, and for others, for example, a large number of cosmetics in a package.


Advertising of your e-shop with shipping information

An advertisement appearing in the right place is a perfect lure for customers. However, it is worth remembering that if you want to tempt them to buy by offering free or cheap shipping, you will only succeed if it is simple and fair.


Pay attention to the frequently performed procedure - the slogan "free delivery of every order". It certainly draws attention and helps you stand out from your competitors' ads that don't mention shipping at all. However, you don't have to offer free delivery of the goods right away. You can set a threshold above which the shipment will be free. For example, "free shipping for orders over PLN 100". It is a fair solution for both parties to the transaction.


When designing your marketing activities, look for opportunities to share delivery data and make your offer stand out. At the same time, make sure that each recipient is able to understand your message and that it does not have any inaccuracies. On the other hand, if the shipping of your products is a bit more complicated and, for example, you assume that "delivery in 2 days with each order" is possible, mark it in the ad, but before that make sure that it is the case by asking the warehouse team or e-commerce fulfillment partner. For Google Ads and other advertising tools, text overlays and the increased number of characters make it easy to deliver a high level of message detail to social campaigns. Use this important aspect in your marketing!


Can Ecommerce Marketing Work Without Ads?

Remember that the same shipping information should be available in all of your marketing activities. Especially outside of paid advertising. Each of the channels used is a great opportunity for users to express their opinion, share their opinion and an opportunity to share. On the other hand, you can really benefit from these activities.


What's more, posts on social media and information campaigns are a great opportunity to educate your audience. You can enjoyably broaden the knowledge of consumers about your products and establish direct contact with them - this is a two-way opportunity to ask questions and get answers. You can also combine these types of activities with paid campaigns for an even greater effect.


Customers more and more often connect with the company thanks to social channels. They are happy to ask questions regarding the sales policy or the available assortment. Get involved and use this as a way to share the great features of your products with a wider audience. The power of Facebook and Instagram is huge when selling online. By creating your own style of communication and using hashtags, you can provide information to recipients without feeling imposing on them with intrusive advertising. Talk to them and be honest! Don't flood them with too many calls-to-action screaming "buy it now!"


Website as a marketing channel

Remember that great power comes from more than just social media. Your website is also important. It is also an intelligent channel for communicating marketing information, e.g. about shipping.


For this purpose, you can use overlays, pop-ups, banners and other elements presenting your offer. Their presence is essential to prevent the abandonment of the shopping cart. It also provides a great opportunity to share the shipping policies that shoppers are so interested in.


So combine creativity with honesty, and you will surely make your customers feel comfortable in your store and gain their trust!


How to keep customers in your e-shop?

The undisputed point is that you should take care of your customers. Maintaining their loyalty is of great value to any salesperson. One way to get into the favor of the customer is to offer him free shipping or another additional option - such as fast shipping. This offer means that the client does not want to look for it elsewhere.


You probably have a number of customers who are constantly receiving marketing information from you. Use it! Ask recipients what they prefer - what type of shipping, and offer them a discount for answering. You can also create special coupons for them according to their preferences, e.g. with free shipping. They will surely like such a gift. This is a simple but very effective way to thank customers for previous transactions and quickly encourage more purchases.



Remember that free delivery at a certain order threshold is an attractive offer for every customer. You can test it among your own. See if increasing the price of the product and removing the existing payment for the shipment will increase their willingness to buy. Perhaps such action will work more in your favor and even more will increase the number of orders for additional products. Testing your offer upgrades with existing customers is a safe way to collect data and see how you can use shipping as part of your company's marketing!