The speed of the store’s operation is one of the key factors to maintain a low drop rate and to achieve high positions in search results. The slow operation of the website is one of the decisive reasons for users leaving it quickly. The factor is even more important when using mobile devices, where the websites are loaded more slowly than in the case of traditional desktops. What can you do to remedy this? One of the solutions to this problem is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).


At the end of January 2016, Google Search Console introduced a new possibility allowing the inclusion of AMP or accelerated mobile websites. So what is AMP? AMP is an open source project based on existing Internet technologies and aimed at improving the browsing of websites in the field of mobile browsing as well as providing better and faster shopping. Thanks to AMP, the content of the page on mobile devices appears much faster, reduces the pressure and loading time by focusing on loading only the most important elements of the page.

AMP pages consist of three basic components:

AMP HTML – presents the basic HTML layout of the page with elements marked with specific AMP tags,

AMP JavaScript library – supporting faster loading of selected elements

The Google AMP Cache system is a proxy-based tool that provides all AMP elements in an automatic manner.



With the implementation of the AMP module, for example, to an online store based on the Magento technology, the performance of individual subpages, including subpages of product categories or subpages, is significantly improved. All elements of an AMP website – texts, icons, product descriptions or reviews, images, and widgets – will be loaded immediately and users will not have to wait for a few seconds to download the required content from the Google results page.

The most important advantages of AMP technology include:

– page load time less than 2 seconds (on mobile devices!)

– AMP support pages are specially marked in Google search results using a special AMP designation

– improved ranking in search results, because loading time is one of the components affecting the positions,

– higher browsing comfort and increased usability for users browsing websites made in this technology on mobile devices,

– some case studies indicate that the implementation of AMP can increase traffic on the site by up to 10%, and sales from mobile devices up to 52%


The AMP solution is a publicly available initiative from Google designed for mobile devices to improve the way users browse the web. The solution is designed as an open source, which means that using it does not involve any additional fees. Online stores that decide to implement the above solutions will have the chance to reach more potential customers, reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate. When it comes to users, easy access and fast loading will definitely make their lives easier when browsing websites on mobile devices. Implementation of AMP is, therefore, a win-win situation that everyone, both e-shop owners and customers use.

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