What is Pimcore and what can you do with it?
The Product Information Management (PIM) system is mostly implemented using a business application. It permits the management of multiple product information channels so that they can be accessed in one place without having to repeatedly insert data into different IT systems.
Pimcore is often used to implement PIM projects and content management systems (CMS) in e-commerce. It is a powerful and universal platform, the best software on the market for product data management systems. If you choose to implement Pimcore, it makes sense to establish additional plug-ins that permit integration, better workflow, and facilitate many other activities. Check out the list of Pimcore additions and find out which one is best for you.
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Pimcore, along with Akeneo, is one of the more frequently considered systems collecting product information in the case of e-commerce activities. The system's task is to collect all the data in one place and manage it in the most flexible way. Additionally, Pimcore also allows you to manage customer and supplier information broken down into the organizations and industries with which they are associated. What, however, decided that the popularity of the system is constantly growing?


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