The time needed to find a product is a key variable of a well-designed B2B system. An effective search engine can and usually is a key factor for its proper operation. Through proper preparation should ensure easy and quick access to products for contractors. What factors influence the fact that the search engine fulfills its role?

Wyszukiwarka dla systemu B2B

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There are some notable differences between B2B and B2C sales. The fundamental one is the number of transactions that platforms supporting individual solutions need to process. In the case of B2C, it is necessary to handle many small transactions and the purchasing process is usually much simpler. In the case of B2B transactions, their volume is usually much smaller, while the value of a single shopping cart exceeds the one that occurs in the B2C store significantly. Therefore, the purchase process and requirements are also different.

Najważniejsze różnice pomiędzy B2B a B2C

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The B2B sector is growing dynamically like no other branch of e-commerce. More and more companies are considering transferring their B2B sales to the online world. Numerous benefits, such as lowering transaction costs, simple monitoring of buyers' activities or higher transparency of the sales process, influence the decision making. At this point, we are facing the choice of a SaaS platform, an Open Source or a dedicated platform. While SaaS platforms are quickly rejected, due to the low possibility of adapting to specific B2B processes, the decision weighs up to the end between open source platforms such as Magento and dedicated software. This article will try to explain why choosing a dedicated solution is a mistake.

dedykowana platforma b2b

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