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What will be your first reaction if I tell you that you can significantly improve one of the most important data linked with the effectiveness of your site with a few clicks from the admin’s interface?

You will probably think that it is just some extremely bad advertising. However, your priority is to constantly improve your store’s performance, which is why you intend to continue reading this to get answers to the questions that are born in your head. The first of these concerns is the following issue:


It is TTFB (Time To First Byte), which is, simply put, the server’s response time to the entered command. Before the first elements of the site are displayed, the browser (making users impatient) is unable to show absolutely no additional activity. Shortening the waiting time for its answer should, therefore, be a top priority, but first, you should ask yourself what actually causes the website to slow down and how can you disable it. The answer will certainly be MAP (Minimum Advertised Price), meaning a module that allows customers to offer the lowest possible price while maintaining the minimum retail value of the product, which has been specified by the manufacturer. You can turn it off if it is not really necessary (and in most cases, it is not).



… you must remember that unless the majority of pages use the MAP module, it may seem useful from the perspective of the customer who has already added the product to the shopping basket. The cart itself is, by the way, a slow element, because Magento has to render it for every user. When it does, it runs a method called canApplyMsrp for all products currently in the cart(it’s easy to guess that this process takes longer than you’d like). However, if you disable MAP, processes related to the operation of the site will be quicker. Would you like some evidence? We have prepared them in the table below.


The above numbers indicate the speed (measured in milliseconds) of the store page loading.
As you can see, the MAP does not affect it until the cart is empty, but gradually releases rendering when new products reach it. After turning off the MAP, rendering time remains unchanged regardless of the number of products ordered.


First of all, make sure that you do not need this feature.
Later, you can act according to the following plan. Good luck!


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