New Google Recaptcha And 2-step Authentication In Magento

The new Google reCAPTCHA service and the two-step authentication function (2FA) are now available in Magento. Magento has added the functionality of reCAPTCHA and 2FA to all versions of Magento 2.1 and higher. ReCAPTCHA and 2FA authentication modules provide increased security to protect the Magento store by reducing unauthorized access and significantly reducing spam.



The Google reCAPTCHA technology is used to restrict access to the Magento store’s administrative panel from bots. The reCAPTCHA module provides greater security compared to the Magento CAPTCHA module. Its additional advantages include invisible reCAPTCHA support, so it is not necessary to even check an additional checkbox. The advantages of the Google reCAPTCHA module are:

– verification when real clients create accounts, download passwords, log in to the account or contact the company via the contact form,

– increase the security of logging into the store’s administrative panel.


2FA authentication adds support for software authentication applications and authentication devices provided by Google Authenticator, Authy, U2F, and Duo Security devices.




Module installation takes place from the composer level:

composer require msp / recaptcha: 2.0.0


After installation, to enable the module, please call the command:

php bin / magento module: enable –all

php bin / magento setup: upgrade


In order to disable the module, enter:

php bin / magento msp: security: recaptcha: disable

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