Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1.: The Strength Of Marketing and Sales

Behind every shopping experience is a team of marketing and sales specialists who deal with content optimization, product layout and the creation of amazing promotional campaigns. Now imagine that there is a way for the effects of their work to be even more impressive. Magento EE 2.1.0 can help you.



Everything starts with the content, which is why the new version of Magento allows you to easily set and preview the content of product cards, categories, and promotions. A huge plus is the modification of the panel, which allows for ongoing monitoring of updates: thanks to it your team can conveniently and easily coordinate campaigns, thus maximizing the impact on sales.
EE 2.1 also eliminates problems related to scheduled updates. The built-in preview tool and the ability to link published content between administrators have significantly shortened the process of determining, testing and accepting the final versions to be published. What’s more, any revisions can be programmed to publish and delete at a predetermined time.


In the interest of shopping experience, EE 2.1 has also been enriched with numerous improvements related to PayPal payments, which allows you to increase the conversion rate (to make a payment, the user does not even have to leave the site). This solution has been secured by PayPal Saved Credit Cards, so both users and administrators do not have to worry about data security issues.



The new version of Magento offers users search technologies that can change almost every user in a client. Elasticsearch, because of it, operates in 33 language versions and allows for any set-up of search word syllables and for giving specific phrases to particular phrases. As a result, the displayed outcomes will try to meet the expectations of users. Above all, however, it should be noted that Elasticsearch has been designed in such a way as to easily handle large catalogs. What’s more, its configuration is so fast that the results of working with the system are visible almost immediately.


Improvements made to the administration panel will certainly affect the efficiency of your work. Built entirely from the new search engine allows you to quickly find the customer and information about his orders. Changing the appearance of forms, in turn, helps the process of creating new products, content, and categories.


The biggest new feature offered by Magento 2.1 is to make it available in the cloud, thanks to which you can focus on building unusual brand-related experiences without worrying about infrastructure. The system (incidentally built on AWS) is completely safe, fully scalable and, most importantly, optimized for fast actions. Deploy of the site can, therefore, take place in any environment, including hosting and cloud. Ready for a step ahead?

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