Global4Net is the new partner for Akeneo

global4net is akeneo partner

Global4Net has entered official partnership with Akeneo, provider of PIM solution. We are now one of the very few software houses from Poland that were distinguished by Akeneo. What does being partners with PIM provide means to our clients? Even higher quality of implementation using production information management. What other changes will this partnership bring?

As a new partner to Akeneo, Global4Net team can gain deeper understanding of this PIM. Our developers will be able to train and gather knowledge from the first hand. The partnership between Global4Net and Akeneo will not only increase the quality of eCommerce integrations, but also the fluency of upcoming implementations.

Right now, you can find Global4Net in the official Akeneo partner directory on the provider’s site. There you will be able to find information about us, our services, and contact details.

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Andrzej Szylar

Andrzej Szylar

Chief Executive Officer

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Magdalena Paczyńska

HR Manager