Global4Net implemented Magento for Manufactured Culture

In August, we completed the next implementation of the Magento online store, this time intended for the Brittish market. Manufactured Culture is a shop with interior decoration products designed by top designers. Global4net has implemented a comprehensive functional design, graphic design, and store implementation. The effects of our hard work can be viewed at
In the implementation process, we used the Lean User Experience. Through verification of many versions of the store, we have chosen the best solutions, so that users would not have problems with the store’s service, at the same time it was necessary to meet the main requirement of the customer to maintain the maximum of simplicity and elegant appearance. During the implementation, we used responsive web design to maintain the correct display also on tablets and mobile devices. 
The Manufactured Culture store is a dynamically developing start-up. We hope that it will soon become a recognizable brand in the British market.

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