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More often we can hear that huge grocery store brands have decided to go online. In the near future, we can expect a big revolution, associated with new players entering the field. Next to the present online stores like Frisco, Piotr i Paweł, Alma24, new stores will appear like Auchan (2011) or Tesco (2012).

The launch of this kind of project will lead to huge financial needs – storage, logistics, advertising. The traditional form of delivery by a courier does not work, therefore, a personal transport network is a must. All this makes the online grocery store an extremely challenging business.

Taking that into account Intermarche still is preparing to go into the online shopping business as well. They may decide to introduce a new concept of an e-drive. Contrasting the traditional form of online shopping along with the delivery, the new concept is only limited to the orders themselves. Their reception would be carried out by the client himself, like at McDonald’s.

After the store receives the shopping list, a client will go to a special terminal, in which the order will be waiting. On the example of the French market, this kind of selling is developing quickly. Special stations where people can collect their items are being built and there is no way to shop on site.

The biggest advantage of this type of solutions is lower costs. The delivery to a client itself is usually an additional cost in online stores (usually around PLN 20) That kind of problems do not affect stores created in the new concept.

An important part is also the safety of payments, as there usually is only one way to pay – by card.

In 2013, Real wants to create a similar store, maybe, soon, these type of stores will become a normal part of our daily lives. Feel free to express your opinions about this solution. 

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