Below You can look into the list of the most significant features of the Magento system:


- Captcha - it's Zend Captcha integrated in version of Magento on most customer related fomrs - register, login, forgot password, but what interesting it's not included in contact form.


- New Iphone Theme - in new version of Magento e-commerce iPhone theme have been redesigned and HTML5 rebuilt.


- Rest API - defines a set of functions where developers can perform requests and receive responses.


- Pricing per customer group - now we can set base prices for each customer group.


- VAT number validation - this functionality should improve selling in European Union. After enter validate VAT number customer can be assigned to customer group and have 0% VAT on product price.


- Cookie mesage - it's answer on new EU cookie law. Administrator can display on frontend to new customersa message about using cookies and requesting permission to use them.


- System backup -  three backup options: “System Backup”, “Database and Media”, and “Database”.


- Auto generation of coupon codes.


.....And others.