7 best free Magento additions

Below you can find a list of the 7 most useful free additions to stores based on Magento. Obviously, the list has a subjective character and is meant for people who in a professionally want to take care of constructing stores based on Magento
An addition that is irreplaceable for every Magento developer. It allows to turn on the paths to files responsible for displaying a certain Magento element in a quick and simple way. It makes it easy to find the right files that need to be edited.
The addition Easy CMS allows for adding an HTML code to a chosen position on the Magento website like texts, banners, announcements, photos, music or video. In the free version, there are 8 predefined positions.
This module allows creating categories and articles similar to the blog. At the same time, it allows the users to add comments. It’s worth mentioning that the module supports generating friendly addresses to the articles in progress.
Moduł pozwala na łatwe wysłanie wiadomości do administratora portalu poprzez rozwijany z boku ekranu formularz, bez konieczności wchodzenia na dodatkowe podstrony.
An extremely useful module when our menu is very extended. Default Magento permits displaying a single-column list of subcategories, the module modifies this functionality, allowing to display submenus in several columns.
A very easy-to-use module. Its functionality is permitting to easily add additional tabs with information to the product tab.
7. Fooman Speedtester
The main goal of this module is to speed-up Magento. As you know Magento is quite demanding software when it comes to server speed. Thanks to this module you can visibly increase the speed. The core of his work is to compress and cash in JavaScript and CSS code.
While installing the above modules it is important to be cautious and create a backup of the files and database.

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