The popularity of B2B platforms is constantly growing. Companies that deal with other businesses are searching for automated solutions based on websites. All this is to make their work more efficient, less expensive and to expand the group of satisfied customers.

1. Prepare your store for mobile devices

More than half of the traffic comes from mobile devices. That is why Google focuses on mobile solutions. If you wish to be positioned well in the search results, you need to be up to date in this area.
Imagine how time-consuming can even the simple orders in B2B stores be. Paperwork as well as the time of your employees dedicated to what on the right platform can be done a lot faster and in an automated way. The companies you work with have a comparable challenge. Consequently, sooner or later they will decide to go with new e-commerce solutions. Do not let yourself be left behind because only if you do that does your business will have the chance to stay on the competitive market.
Magento B2B is one of the ways to improve online shopping and take a lot of responsibilities off of you. It is intended to increase the conversion rate and encourage the user to come back to your store more often.

2. Protect your clients with an SSL certificate

The SSL certificate is responsible for protecting the data of your customers that they disclose during completing transactions in your store. If you see the URL "https://" instead of "http://", it means that the page is secured with an SSL certificate.
An informed customer knows where to find safe purchases. In addition, customers may even get a notice that your site is unsecured. It can deter them or completely block the possibility of making transactions. It's a risk you cannot afford.
Having an SSL certificate is also important for SEO. Google is committed to securing its users. So if you do not have a certificate, you are lower down in the search results. That's why you have to submit two sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools - https and http. This will confirm the security of your site and allow it to be indexed.

3. Watch out for the GDPR

Knowing the GDPR is crucial for online store retailers. The general principle is to inform your clients about what will happen to their personal data. Including a clear indication that they will always have insight and the opportunity to correct the data.
Until now, most businesses preferred to maintain their privacy policy in the background. However, the GDPR forced them to open and be more transparent in this area. You also have this duty. Remember that the parts about consent that require the customer's engagement are displayed on the website correctly so that they don't interfere with browsing.

4. Take care of different shipping options

Bad shipping choices are one of the main reasons for losing customers and profits in B2B online stores. Your contractor may change his mind or not continue cooperation if you do not improve some important elements:
· Do not surprise the customer with unexpected shipping costs. Make sure that the delivery price list is easily available.
· Simplify the transaction process that is too long or complicated.
· Shorten the waiting time for a shipment for a long time. B2B delivery should not exceed one week.
· Reduce inflated delivery costs.
· Eliminate all possible damage that may occur during the transport of goods. Make sure that the package is properly secured.
If you do not develop a quick, efficient, consistent and reliable shipping method, you can lose customers for the benefit of the competition that mastered this part of the transaction to perfection. To meet customer requirements, you need a highly automated shopping and reliable finalization process methods. Magento, who offers optimization, can help with the e-commerce shopping process. What does it offer?
· An automated ordering process regardless of the client's location.
· Advanced selection of courier offers.
· Possibilities that increase the conversion rate by satisfying the efficient shipping and handling of the entire store.

5. Make sure the images load quickly

Images loading quickly are important on every website. However, in the case of online stores, it is even more crucial. First of all, your clients have a lot of things to do and need to navigate the site quickly and efficiently. In addition, they usually make a decision by looking at the photos. You cannot allow a situation where photos will not load or will appear very slowly. Secondly, the faster the images load, the faster the entire page loads. This is of great importance to SEO because search engines position higher on websites that simply work quickly.
The smaller the image, the faster it will load. The most important thing is to maintain its low weight while maintaining a high resolution. You can use Adobe Photoshop, which has the option Save for Web. Choose the .jpg format and set the image quality to 80 points.
There are also plugins that help you compress images when placing them on the website. The Magento Marketplace also has many tools that you can use.

6. Create interesting and engaging content

Curiosity and commitment of visitors is a must in the content marketing strategy of your company. The content you place on your site must represent high quality. From the main page, through product descriptions, to the company's blog. You should emphasize all the advantages of your assortment. Yes, to respond to the specific needs of your customers, and at the same time offer the best solutions.
Choosing the right tone in which the narration will be carried out on your site is just as important as the entire offer of your store. Match the style to your sales policy and company profile. How do you want to address your customers? Will they react well to a little humor? Or do you need to stay serious?
Paying attention to such details may seem insignificant, but it all affects the perception of your brand. And as a result, it translates into sales results.
For specific results, use the following tips:
· Mark clearly on the main page, what sets you apart from the competitors. Place it in the center of the site so that it is immediately visible.
· Define clearly what the customer can buy with you and why that is the most beneficial offer.
· Use plugins and spell checkers. There is nothing worse than a good, encouraging text written incorrectly and with visible negligence.
· Use the language your clients use. If they are talking about a laptop instead of a notebook, you can do it too. Do not try to educate clients at all costs. It is better to address them in a way familiar to them.
· Customize all content to build a consistent image of the company and win the clients. Everyone wants to feel special and your client is no exception.
· Remember - even if it's B2B cooperation, there is a person on the other side. Treat customers with respect and understanding, just as you would like to be treated.
These tips will show you the right track, but practice will make you an expert. Over time, you will develop your own style and learn what kind of content will achieve the best results. It's a great idea to find a good copywriter so that your ideas are properly expressed.

7. Increase control with Open Source

Personalization of content and suiting the client are aspects must control. Nothing will keep you as informed as the Open Source software does. It will let you adjust the platform to your own needs. You will also get access to many useful tools.
Open Source in Magento offers:
· Add-ons - in the Magento Marketplace you will find accessories and plugins to help you work in various areas of your business.
· Community - the main reason for choosing Open Source is an extensive community dedicated to mutual help. It is comparable on Magento. Numerous vendors and developers know the answers to all your questions.
· Professionals - the Magento community is not only made up of people who know the platform well. These are primarily certified specialists who are prepared to help you.
· Specialized B2B statistics - as the owner of a company offering B2B trading services, you need the right tools to collect data. In Open Source, every user gets access to Magento Business Intelligence.
B2B platforms process transactions at a higher financial level than B2C sales (business to customer). In addition, each of them is different. So there is no general solution. That's why using Open Source can be so beneficial. It allows you to tailor your own platform to your needs.

8. Implement advanced B2B e-commerce analytics

The B2B store is very different from B2C activity. In the second option, you should follow the macro data, for example about the typical contents of the customer's shopping cart. Business customers, even if they order similar products, are different. They need personalized contracts, forwarding solutions or consultancy regarding your assortment. This means that you must offer them individual solutions.
You need tools to help you create your own key performance indicators for each individual customer. You must be able to view them in the form of directories, sorting by shares and contracts. All data provided by the analyst must be taken into account in a reliable way. In addition, the service of the store without a thorough analysis is almost impossible, and surely extremely difficult. That is why many analytical tools are available on Magento Business Intelligence.

9. Personalize your activities

Your website's back-end must be personalized to your own needs and front-end should be personalized to your customers. Considering how unique every B2B transaction is, it is in your best interest that contractors can use catalogs and ordering options tailored to their needs.
David Kostusev, the editor of the American Forbes, lists four techniques that help create a successful B2B platform:
· Create a personality of your company, that is, the form of your typical (ideal) client. Specify its features and needs. Thanks to this, you will understand what is expected.
· Unify all communication channels with the client. So that at every stage of the transaction he knows what to expect.
· Start from scratch to help you analyze your progress, but after developing your services, continue to analyze all possible data.
· Improve yourself online as well as offline. You'll see effects when more network traffic from search engines appears on your site.
Remember that a customer who receives a personalized and a well thought out service is a satisfied customer. And if he is satisfied, he will definitely stay with you.

10. Give discounts on large orders

In running a B2B trading platform, it must be taken into account that transactions will take place on a much larger scale than in the case of B2C transactions. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the following two things:
1. Orders with specific minimum quantity limits
Minimum order limits will help you filter customers who only look for opportunities and sell a large number of goods faster. By running a B2B platform, you will be operating on large orders on the agenda. You must observe, by experimenting, what kind of limits suits you best and which suits your business type. Match your findings to the previously created persona.
2. Discounts for large orders
By offering discounts on large orders, you create strong price competition on the market and increase the chance to gain loyal and regular customers. It will also help you get rid of unsuccessful products or make room for newer versions.
For example, your customer initially wanted to order 10 pieces of a given product at a normal price. However, you offer a discount of 20 pieces. This can convince the contractor to expand the order in order to increase its sales.
This is a typical strategy on the B2B market. However, you can develop your own tactics based on the discounts of the old version products or sale of the end of the series.
Did you find out which solutions to use? If you do your homework and take care of your B2B platform, you will certainly achieve the expected success