Bittersweet Paris

It is impossible to ignore Bittersweet Paris: the company’s characteristic traits are uncompromising projects, vibrancy, pop culture referencies and high quality of fabrics. All of the above have made the brand recognizable and trustable around the world. Many young people find Bitersweet Paris helpful in expressing their life views and personalities.

Its unusual offer needed to be complemented with equally futuristic solutions. According to this, the „Let’s make the world more colorful and fun“ motto became the main axis of Global4Net-Bittersweet Paris cooperation. As a result, probably the craziest online shop in the world has been created.




During the first meeting, we set the most important and fundamental priority of our project: responsiveness. Web pages that are coded with Responsive Web Design standards are known to run fluently despite the device used to display the content (which results in extending the reach to potential clients). The solution is important especially from Bittersweet’s target group’s point of view since it consists mostly of young mobile device users.

Other noteworthy advantages of Responsive Web Design are as following:

  1. more aesthetic layout,
  2. better SEO results,
  3. lowering costs connected to web maintenance (the urgency to have both mobile and desktop versions of store is eliminated).



International reach of Bittersweet Paris brand became the inspiration to incorporate multistore solutions into the current project. This enabled the administrators to support various clients within one server and resulted in lowering the overall costs and increasing the speed of data migration at the same time. Moreover, the solution turned out to be visibly more convenient to users: they were given the opportunity to choose different language versions of web page and currency of order payment.




It is well known that convincing clients that offered product is not only beautiful but also functional is the key to success in e-commerce. Taking into consideration the fact that fashion industry can be demanding and changing, the most obvious solution was to enrich the store with additional functionalities that will stand out from the crowd. According to this, we decided to incorporate the following elements:

  1. „Lookbook“ bookmark,
  2. Social Media links,
  3. photos presenting makeovers based on Bittersweet Paris clothes.

All the aforementioned items present the Client with unique opportunity to see how the products look in everyday use before making the decision of purchase. Moreover, bookmarks and links serve as references: user sees how many customers have bought the product and how many positive opinions did it get (as stastistics and reports show, in comparison with expensive commercial campaigns, Word of Mouth Marketing seems to be more effective).




Fashion is all about details. This is why we paid careful attention to seemingly nonessential elements which turned out to be important in the process of streamlining user experience. They are, inter alia, dynamic loading of products and the possibility to add individual pieces of clothing without abandoning product card. Moreover, with the significant support of Google PageSpeed Insights, webpage is optimized to run fluently.

To sum up, webpage is definetely the most unique and bold of all the projects created by Global4Net brand. It is an colorful and uncompromising accomplishment of developers’ and brand owners’ vision that almost every day evolves towards the most functional and futuristic online shop that has ever been made. Bittersweet Paris is the adverture that customers want to experience every day.