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Best Search Lucene

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SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS with searching in Magento

Default search engine Magento is one of the weakest elements of the system. Considering that close to 50% of customers use online store search engines and leave it as soon as it can't find the product. Therefore, it is important to ensure about accurate search in the store.


Why the search  engine in LUCENE

Magento search engine the most often is replaced by one of the two engines of search - Lucene or Sphinx, the Lucene search engine is much easier to install by admin of the store. In contrast to the Spinx, it doesn't require installing additional scripts on the server. Lucene search engine significantly improves the speed and accuracy of search results.


What does the search engine lucene give?

Better matching search results.

The standard search engine Magento is characterized by a low accuracy of returned results. Search engine Lucene provides high revelancy od returned results.

Increasing the speed of the operation

In the case of using a search engine Lucene, the speed of returning the result significantly increases, to the standard of Magento solution.

Support for synonyms

The extension supports the functionality of synonyms, which makes that the customers can find the products at the time when they use less common words. For example, the word cell and smartphone will return similar results.

Doesn't need external search servers

The extension does not require installing any additional searching servers. The extension operates directly on the server, which on the store is installed.

Support for ignored words

You can create an additional lists of words, which would be ignored by the search engine.

The ability to create the weight of attributes

You can set the priority for the results with respect to the attributes used, thereby increasing the quality of search results.

Possibility of multiple searches with less precision

In case the search engine can't find the results automatically, performs another search using methods which have reduced precision, to make sure that none of the results won't be missed.

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