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The extension adds structural data for Google increase click-throughs for sub product for even 30%.


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what the RICH SNIPPETS and markers (tags) SCHEMA.ORG are?

Rich Snippets are additional information that in the form of text or graphics that appear in the search results from each search engine. In the case of online shops functionality allows you to display directly in the search results of additional information such as availability, the number and the average rating by buyers, as amended by the path of breadcrumbs, the price range of the product offered.

rich snippets magento

As part of Rich Snippets tags, there is a standard which is a cooperation of Goolge, Microsoft and Yahoo! It was created to improve the network and create a common standard for structured data markup supported by all major search engines. Using this standard maximizes the perception of the store by the search engines.

Why is it worth to use markers (tags) ?-Benefits

Using the markers significantly increases the recognition results of your store by users. It is estimated that the number of clicks on product pages in your store could rise up even for 30%.

Search engines use tags for different purposes, some part of them is presented on the search results page,  others represent important information for search robots. In the future, structural markup standard should be gradually expanded.

What does the RICH SNIPPETS extensione give to your store?

- it works with all of store tamplates,

- it adds datas product like: name, description, sku, photo and producerd

- it adds evaluations ,

- it adds opinions,

- it adds the price,

- it adds the following price ranges for configurable products,

- it adds the availability of the product, 

- it adds a clickable breadcrumb navigation for the browser,

The most important extension improves SEO and CTR stores Magento product pages!


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