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  • The extension helps in translanting parts of the store, in selected language, directly from one file directly from the admin store. Forget about searching individual files translations.

    Price: €50.00
  • Google Shopping XML extension

     allows in a few minutes export and formatted good list of the products from the store Magento to the Google Merchant Centre account, and then use it in Google Shopping.

    Price: €49.00
  • The extension extends Magento admin panel for additional shipping method.

    Price: €25.00
  • The extension adds structural data for Google schema.org increase click-throughs for sub product for even 30%.

    Price: €39.00
    Expected release date: 08.02.2015

    Price: €99.00
  • This extension give arrangements functionality to your Magento store.

    Price: €399.00
  • This extensions possible show on frontend products that are marked as disabled in admin panel.
    Price: €49.00

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    There are existing two basic methods of switching off the blocks in Magento by using XML files. After copying from base to our layout necessary XML file, we can remove or comment the block which we want to turn off. More proper to use and the one which allows to keep better order is the second metho...
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    After tests are finished, it is good to clean database with any unnecessary accounts. Below commands should remove unliked writings from the customer's charts. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 TRUNCATE TABLE `customer_address_entity`; TRUNCATE TABLE `customer_address_enti...